Kvelertak/Puppy – Sheffield/The Corporation – 27 October 2017 Print
Written by Geno D, Bona Bonmeister and Claire Simmons   
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 04:00

Once again, the weekly visit to The Corporation is here, once more to pay our dues to the cause of rock ‘n’ roll.


Tonight, it is an interesting mixup, with London trio Puppy, who are touring behind their new EP, 'Vol II’. While these guys are young, and the sound is a mixture of indie guitar anthems with a heavy low end, it is a show which was filled with a few technical issues and perhaps sapped the guys, as the audience was not able to get behind them. Although the show was good, they would have been better paired with a band in their own genre. 




Now, on the other hand, we had already seen Kvelertak three times before, so I knew we were in for a good night. The band’s mixture of folk, rock, metal, punk and anything else that Erlend and the guys decide to throw in is on show.


This tour is their own headline run, in a break from supporting Metallica, and those shows concentrated on the new album, ‘Nattesferd’.


From the moment Erland comes on stage with the owl headdress the crowd goes wild. In total, of the 18 tracks they played, seven come from the new album and the remainder gives us the reason we like these guys so much.




Three guitar line-ups normally get associated with southern-rock bands and occasionally in metal (Iron Maiden): however, the unique arrangements are technically amazing and there is no eqos or self-indulgence. These guys know how to pass a solo, and you had to keep up with who was doing what, otherwise you missed it. This is all held together by one of metal's tightest rhythm sections, who are very, very solid. 


Kvelertak are one of those bands who sing in their native language, a la Rammstein, but the audience doesn't mind and are singing along and enjoying the heck out of it.  Erlend is one of a kind front man who likes to mingle with his audience or crowd surf - or crowd walk - and the fans don't mind one bit.


You do get the feeling from these Norwegians of what life was like in days gone by. We definitely left feeling good and can't wait for these guys to back around.


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