Bonafide/Skam - Ebbw Vale, Steelhouse - 16th November 2012 Print E-mail
Written by Rob Watkins   
Thursday, 29 November 2012 03:00



What a wowser week for all things Swedish, what with that overhead wonder goal, one of four goals scored against our neighbours across the bridge, a wonderous occasion for any proud Welsh football fanatic...and now to round the perfect week off Sweden's very own rock 'n' roll heroes Bonafide are in town to open their tour; once again another major scoop for The Steelhouse crew following on from the Swedish quartet's appearance at the Steelhouse Festival back in the summer, and joined for tonight's frivolities by the hotly tipped Skam.


Amidst all the smoke and lights, the packed house warmly welcomes Skam to the Steelhouse stage, the Leicester hard rockin' power trio playing to the hilt and the very uppermost at that opening up with 'No Lies' from their debut album, 'It's Come To This', with plenty of movement, feet on the monitors and all the stuff that rock types do so elegantly. 'Weapon' - "every man has one in his pants" - is a modern-ish but classic rock inspired groove accompanied by pontussteelhouse300some headbanging and pouting throughout. 'Soldiers Of Rock', 'Rivers', 'Going Away' and 'Holy City' find guitarist/vocalist Steve Hill banging out some killer riffs entwined within his passionate vocal delivery, ably assisted by drummer Ray (X-Ray) Peverill and bassist Matt Gilmore, with Gilmore endorsing the usage of every last inch of the Steelhouse staging. Some killer choral hookage is knocked out on 'Dead From The Waist Down' before rounding this energetic, highly musical powered set to conclusion with 'Massacre', the three piece incorporating a few bars of 'War Pigs' into the equation...bang bang thank you very much.


'Doing The Pretty' introduces Bonafide to the masses, although no introduction is really necessary for the foursome. The rocking continues with 'Dirt Bound' and 'Butter You Up' performed so fluently with a classic rock influence and an AC/DC slant but with enough Bonafide originality abounding. Guitarist/singer Pontus Snibb has that total retro rock frontman approach down to a tee with his cut off denim and flowing locks, ably supported by his cohorts Mikael Fassberg, with his brilliant guitar drive, Niklas Matsson behind the kit supplying some solid beats, and lastly but not least, the extravagance and finesse (and the opposite of Johnny Cash "The Man In White"), the newest and coolest member, bassist Martin Ekelund.


'Too Fired Up' and 'The Mess', lifted from the boys' impressive 'Ultimate Rebel opus', 'Hard Living Man', '50 Cent Millionaire' - the tunes are flowing to keep the hot and sweaty club enthralled and bouncing. I really do miss this vibe and atmosphere of the good ol' rock scene palaver but tonight it's well and truly back in fashion and style as the band rock the hell outta this place with their entertaining bar-room boogie and beyond.


'Can't Get Through', 'Rebel Machine' and 'Night Time' follow,  Snibb cruising the room with his guitar in tow, classic snippets of tracks such as 'Back In Black' thrown in. The diamond performance of a set is ended in thunderous style with the infectious singalong 'Fill Your Head With Rock'. Yes, this evening is for people who adore listening to and playing R+R music.


"Steelhouse..Steelhouse..Steelhouse, You Rock," and the group conclude the musical proceedings with Ray Charles's (and W.A.S.P. adopted tune) 'I Don't Need No Doctor' and a rip roaring rendition of The Who masterpiece 'I Can`t Explain'.


All In The Name of Rock N' Roll....Love It Live!


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