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Written by Darrel Sutton   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 03:00

Ginge takes to the skies


Sometimes the planets align, everything just clicks into place and something special happens. No I’m not talking about Krokus performing ‘Bad Boys, Rag Dolls’ on Tiswas, but about the past couple of months, which saw South Wales’ (with a bit of Brizzle) finest The Sick Livers firstly record and release their meisterwerk ‘Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze and Killing’ on CD, then pull the masterstroke of teaming up with Uber Rock to release said 8 tracks of glunk rock nirvana on deluxe 12 inch vinyl and tie it in with the festive party/album launch of the decade.


With the gig selling out faster than frontman Ginge can offend most of the population, the stage was set for their day in the sun, their cup final, the night they got their brown wings (God, that last one even appals me, sorry). Would they seize the gauntlet?…….Read on, my dears, read on.


Deadbeat Deluxe Final


With the last couple of no-show tickets frantically changing hands right up until the doors open and pints aplenty being quaffed to enhance the party vibe, it’s an already packed and raucous Le Pub that greets Sticky and Co. aka Deadbeat Deluxe, as they open proceedings in blinding fashion. With their self-confessed obsession with rock ‘n’ roll played by dead people, they are the modern day incarnation of Cash, Eddy et al and may not fit the musical moron’s definition of punk rock , but bring more “Fuck You “ attitude than a ferry load of modern fuckwit teen pop-punks ever could. Having brought stand-up bass back into the equation they bring yet another dimension to their faultless mix of modern day rock ‘n’ roll originals and their own take on some timeless classics to give the night a perfect start.


Hacksaw final


The members of Hacksaw may claim the night took a drastic turn for the worse for the next half hour but the simple facts are that a party without Hacksaw means a damn sight easier task for the cleaners the following day. Oh, and a lot less fun as well. And so, as the temporarily masked duo of George and Roy rip into ‘Let’s Get Wasted’ the party mood seems to step up a notch. ‘Do Not Feed The Geese…They’re Dead’ and ‘Golfing Comedians’ lower the musical bar and higher the fun bar by equal and opposite amounts before Roy unites every footie fan in the building to cheer his beloved Romans for a ripping ‘Go Bath City Go’, complete with an epic kazoo solo from Steve Wurrzel. As they try to kid us that a couple more songs are indeed their last (if you’ve seen them before you know there is only one last number for this lot), the sight of the stuffed bin liner appearing from behind the drumkit finally let’s everyone know that it is time for the Stairway To Heaven of mediocre musicianship/comedy craft (delete as applicable). Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s ‘Bogroll’ time!! I think they played the extended 12 inch remix version, because by the time they leave to thunderous applause, it’s safe to say there’s minimal floor space or indeed ceiling fans which you couldn’t wipe your bottom on without fear of chafing. Nice one.


Ginge jacketWith frontman Ginge having spent most of the day (and by all accounts most of the night following their set) being a “bit bard”, things could have been all set for a damp squib but, fuelled by shots of Jaeger and Poundland Cold and Flu tablets, he leads his sex-kittens of glunk into the set of their lives. ‘Get Ready’ unceremoniously kicks out the jams as it immediately becomes apparent that the build-up, the hype, the nerves, the pre-gig IBS symptoms are all materialising into the real deal of fucking epic proportions, courtesy of the collective goodness that is The Sick Livers. ‘Hell Of A Girl’ provides an early opportunity for a singalong and the crowd seize the opportunity with both hands. The band are tight as fuck (musically!) and everyone is busting for it. As the blistering ‘Blood On Your Halo’ from ‘Motors…’ rubs shoulders with older, but no less stellar goodies like ‘Pussy Disease’ the temperature and tempo soar. Unfortunately this brings a relatively early unleashing of drummer Matty Kneivel’s moobs but even they can’t dampen spirits. Having done his customary wander during a mighty fine ‘Rumney Rock City’, Ginge gives himself a brief breather as he invites a fat, drunken moron up from the crowd for a ripping version of Turbonegro’s ‘Denim Demon’. It all becomes a bit of a blur as alcohol, general bonhomie and glunk prowess you’ll tell the grandchildren about, starts to get the better of many. Their call to arms of ‘Gimme The Drugs’ happily rubs shoulders with a cracking run through of Slade’s ‘Get Down And Get With It’ before everything hurtles towards a shuddering climax (completists, there were other songs I’m sure, but I got too tired and emotional to remember or be responsible enough to take notes) as ‘Bummed To Death’ really does leave everyone feeling the song was written for them. People ran on stage, the shredded paper which was distributed TJ’s Christmas-style was chucked in hair, drinks, body cavities. Ginge crowd surfed, DJ and VJ rocked the fuck out, and at one point Dai Bauchery got so carried away that his mile-wide grin enticed his feet to move tens of millimetres, honest.


Even a couple of days after, sat here writing this, you get the feeling this will go down as one of THE gigs. An “I Was There” moment. Fifteen minutes of fame, day in the sun …blah, blah, blah. Whatever you want to call it, The Sick Livers had their chance and they fucking smashed it. 2013 has been a cracking year for independent music and you couldn’t have had a more fitting end to it than this gig. If their momentum carries on into 2014 don’t be surprised if very good things happen to this lot very quickly. You have been warned.


VJ and Ginge


If you want your very own copy of ‘Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze and Killing’ on vinyl then – CLICK HERE.