Rammstein - New York, Madison Square Garden - 11th December 2010 Print E-mail
Written by John Oakley   
Sunday, 19 December 2010 05:00

22 HourRammstein_Posters in NYC - Bang! Bang


"Fancy going to see Rammstein in New York dear, Madison Square Garden? For the weekend?" Was the million dollar question I guess


Suddenly I could hear myself saying "OK then!"  What the hell was I thinking?  Did I really just agree to that?


Well, our non stop mad weekend consisted of a 7am Saturday flight there and a 9am Sunday flight back which meant we were in NYC for just 22 hours. But with Rammstein set to play their first gig in the States for something like 10 year, since frontman Till Lindemann and keyboardist Flake Lorenz were arrested for lewd behavior and vowed never to return. How could we resist? Plus releasing a song called 'Pussy', and playing the "Goiden" with a spurting pink foam cannon should go down well then. You naughty boys!


Having had Rammstein, exposed to us at The Pit rock club for many a year, I was always anti them as being too techno, and just too dance based for my taste buds. Bruce Dickinson even once recommended them to me as the band that was doing the best stage show around, when I was lucky enough to interview him with other fans for some Kerrapp!!! mag. Plus due to "Sell Out" tours, I'd always managed to avoid them that was until earlier this year. I have to say the aforementioned 'Pussy' tickled me so to speak, and we got tickets for the show at the LG Arena just to satisfy our curiosity  But damn it if it wasn't THE BEST extravaganza of pyrotechnics ever! What had I been missing all these years?  A wonderful stage show, and an orgy of rock that's what. The Sonisphere show that followed sadly was a disappointment to me, Rammstein_1as outside, with a bigger stage show I was hoping it would be more of a ramped up experience. Sadly, toning it down, they slightly disappointed that day.


Well, if it's the same set up as the UK tour here in NYC tonight. Billy Yank really is in for a treat. The Garden looks like it hasn't had a lick of paint since the 70s, and everywhere smells of dope. Many are in "town" from all over the Americas for the one US show that the German uberfuhrers of Pyro have deigned to do.  Like a vision from the Matrix the stage is again set for a very memorable night (that is if that fat bloke that always seems to appear on this continent, will shut up and stop explaining his views loudly to all his seemingly ignorant friends around him. As if we care?)  Rammstein come alive with the theatre of fire that we lucky Europeans have come to expect. Whilst the first couple of numbers are unfamiliar to me, its 'Feuer Frei' that makes them come to life with a "Bang Bang" and flamethrowers creating a pyro pyramid.


The band march us on with 'Links 2-3-4', and surely an old Metallica stunt man here as we see a "fan" flamethrowered to death for running on stage. It's the usual tricks, with the aforementioned foaming penis canon, for 'Pussy' coming out to play, with 'Du Hast' having the loudest cheer and singalong of the night! As an aside, we drank in an awesome Irish Bar before hand that proclaimed "Du Hast Bier"...Marvelous! So, dear old Flake gets himself covered with a milk churn of fire, then in a bath of fire, before he gets resurrected with his own personal travelator and spangly outfit of tinfoil. For the rest of the show it's keep fit, Rammstein style and Rammstein_3finally he decides to break the fourth wall with his rubber crowd surfing dingy. The rhapsody of fire continues with 'Ich Will', and 'Sonne'. Has someone left the gas on? Uh oh!


BLAAAM! (there goes another fire torrent)


The days of Blackie Lawless' exploding codpiece pale into insignificance compared to this band and the winged firework human flamethrower of 'Engel'. Iconic, dramatic, and awesome are words that just don't fail to do justice to the energy and emotion generated.  The NYPD must have seriously thought MSG was being demolished tonight.  A crowd pleasing amazing show, that in the disorganised crush to get out, many a "Loud Howard" expresses their "Awesome" appreciation, dude. For a venue that must have seen it all, (even Godzilla hatching her offspring, if the movies are to be believed!) tonight was really something special! Haunting and magnificent, the German maestros certainly conquered New York with their giant presence.  All that was left was for a few beers and JD's, and we hit the hay ready for that 8am flight home. 


The next time you are stuck with the prospect of watching Strictly/X Fucktor/Jungle or whatever banal shite the TV has to offer you and get a hankering for going to a gig, book a flight to New York on the Friday, safe in the knowledge that you can be home for Sunday night.  You can even sleep on the plane.  Go on you know you want to. I highly recommend it. My students were certainly all very pleased to see me 9am on Monday morning. God help any of them that were late! Ha Ha Ha! Rock and flipping Roll eh ???