Jaya The Cat/Captain Accident/King Tut’s Revenge – Bristol, The Exchange – 6 December 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks   
Monday, 12 December 2016 06:00

And they just keep coming, third gig in two weeks with a couple of local events penciled in and even more to look forward to in the run up to Crimbo, life just doesn’t get better.




Now, I have to actually thank Uber Rock for introducing me to Jaya the Cat: if you dredge the archives you will find my review of the ‘More Late Night Transmissions With…’ LP and from that point in I was hooked, invested in the entire back catalogue but up until tonight had never managed to catch them live even with tickets booked and paid for previously (fates conspire and all that nonsense). Not that thing’s went entirely smoothly tonight, but that's another story.


After a swift pint in the classy old school pub just up from The Exchange, right next to Jason Palmer's fave (The Big Bear Club) we entered early doors to a packed venue, always a good sign on a school night, but also the sign of something special on the agenda.


First up we had a local band King Tut’s Revenge.  Who? You might well ask… but I have to be honest what a ska punk noise and what a brass section, Tasha on saxophone and Jess on trombone really drove the music. The band regularly tour all over the UK and it doesn’t half show:  they have a real edge to the ska.. not quite to Faintest Idea intensity, but a real alternative to the original vibes and boy did they lift the crowd.  The place went mental, creating a hell of a party atmosphere. Over time they've shared stages with the likes of Less Than Jake, Mad Caddies, The Slackers, UB40, Streetlight Manifesto, The King Blues, Bad Manners, Sonic Boom Six, Random Hand, [Spunge], Jesse James, Mouthwash, Sham 69 and many more. Hats off guys what a way to start the night.




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Next up we had a band that really divided opinions last time we saw them:  Captain Accident and the Disasters.  Myself and Johnny H trawled the memory banks to remember who we had caught them with but after much debate we gave up and again hit the Ube Rock archives… of course: Fishbone!


Captain Accident if you read the blurb is a reggae/ska/soul artist who creates a unique blend of soulful lovers rock, roots reggae, ska, dub and rocksteady at his home studio in Cardiff.  I hate catch all descriptions… say it as it is reggae: is so sub-divided and being a fan I know what I like. This sound is then brought to life on stage with the help of a collective of musicians known as ‘The Disasters’.  


Listening to the more laid back vibes, my thoughts were maybe these guys should have opened, a gentle lull before the chaos.


But then you look at the background and you see the intensive touring of the UK and Europe, numerous music videos, countless festival appearances and some high-profile radio airplay, and more and more people are being given the opportunity to listen to what is a very unique sound. This in turn leads to a growing fan-base, growing by the day so you are getting a band that is really gaining momentum in terms of sound and energy. More reggae than Ska, just a hint of punk and maybe even a hint of UB40 at times, this is shaping into a hell of a night and the crowd just kept swelling, its standing up close space only, real old school.




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By the time Jaya the Cat slink onto the stage to the sound of ‘First Beer Of A New Day’, the crowd are mental, the band tuned in and the gig turns into one of those very special nights, Tonight for me reinforces the fact that you should never hold back, stick with the tried and tested bands. When I think back (not to far), even after watching the Damned perform ‘Damned, Damned, Damned’ less than a week ago, this performance massively overshadowed that night.


My only complaint after being battered by the band all through the gig was the set was too short. I would have happily stayed all night. In no particular order we had ‘Good Morning’, ‘Thank You Reggae’ an absolutely blinding ‘Hello Hangover’ a superb powered up version of ‘Blur’, a bit of a rarity nowadays with the monumental ‘Nightbus’, and ‘Closing Time’, all out of the ‘More Late Night Transmissions’ time.  But from the early days (‘First Beer Of A New Day’ period) we had the track of the night for me - ‘El Camino’! So much power, we also got ‘Drug Squad’, this is such an overlooked piece of work. Then from ‘The New International Sounds Of Hedonism we got ‘Rebel Sound ‘, ‘Date With A Needle’, ‘Unconditional love’ and the track that's still bouncing around my head three days later (when I’m writing this), ‘Here Come The Drums’. I’m sure there were more, but in all honesty I was too busy pogoing to take note. There was also a track from the LP the band are currently recording called ‘Amsterdam’, again absolutely stunning.


Jaya the Cat: if Carlsberg did gigs! The perfect party band, reigniting the power and all with a reggae skank, that’ll do nicely, one of the gigs of the year.


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