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Written by Hannah Reid   
Friday, 29 December 2017 04:00

It feels as though we’ve not heard a lot from heavy metal legends, Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP). The last new song did come out at the start of December, but no new albums just yet. So when a tour was announced, there was a lot of hype going around.


Opening up the Glasgow night of tour was Of Mice & Men, who haven’t played here for a good wee while – and from the sound of it people will be wanting them back very soon. The crowd reacted great to the band, getting very into all the songs they were playing and the band fed off that making sure that they put their all into each song they played. They were full of energy and life, playing a few of their heavier songs to appeal to the crowd who were here to see a slightly heavier headline band. A few songs from older and newer albums also appeased all kinds of fans that were in the audience.


In Flames 6


In Flames are another band with a big name and a big stage personality – and they brought it to the stage for this show. Starting off with their first song, they were behind a mesh curtain so everyone could still see them, their name sprayed out onto it so that everyone knew they were here and ready to put on one good show. When it dropped down they were all ready to give the crowd their all and put on one very good show that no one would ever forget.


They knew how to get a crowd ready for the headline band to come, making sure no one was just standing around and waiting – the whole room was on their feet and jumping to the music. Mosh and circle pits opened as well as people got really into the show, crowd surfers were quick to try and make their way to the front and over the barriers – but you could see from everyone’s faces in the room, everyone was having fun. Both the band and the crowd feeding off of each other in order to produce the best that they could.




Finally, it was the moment everyone had been waiting for and Five Finger Death Punch took to the stage – another curtain pulled up for a big reveal a few moments into their set. A giant skull dressed their set above their drummer, while the lead singer sported a very fancy and nice silver skeleton microphone stand. The band had amazing stage presence, using every bit of it and running round to make sure everyone was entertained at all times and that everyone could see what they were doing.


“Wash It Away” was introduced as the third song and got the crowd very excited as people started crowd surfing once again on their way to the front, throwing themselves onto people in order to try and get as close to the stage as possible. Security had to commended at this point for making sure everyone got out safe and with as minimal damage to their surroundings as possible when they came over the barriers.




Songs were played from across their albums, some newer than others, but like the bands before them they made sure that no one was left out and everyone got a taste of something they liked. They constantly interacted with the crowd as well, playing to them and making sure they had their attention at all times – and they were able to hold the audience the entire set, no one looked away once when they were on stage.


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