Heaven’s Basement/Dear Superstar - Cardiff, Barfly - 9th December 2009 Print E-mail
Written by Rob Watkins   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 11:36


Heavens_BasementHo Ho Über Ho. It's Wednesday night, and the Über-Express has dropped me in Cardiff, there are still plenty of Christmas shoppers around as the clock ticks towards eight. No time for filling my stocking up tonight though, I'm heading for a dark sleazy basement in the city centre to catch the Cardiff date on the Heaven's Basement, Dear Superstar, New Device UK tour.


So I'm in plus one, courtesy of Dear Superstar and two ill fellow writers (thank you fellas, and can you be ill more often please)


There's a pretty decent turn out tonight and it must be said around two girls to every boy. The first band up The Infamous are deep into their set as I weave my way down for a closer perusal, the band thank the other acts on the bill for lending them some gear and sound OK it must be said, and top marks to the one fella who had a lovely T-Rex shirt on.


After a short change around New Device hit the stage, and they are 'On Fire' (sorry I couldn't resist it), 'Seven Nights, Seven Bodies' follows and it's worth mentioning the track 'Pedal To The Metal' not least for the title but the way the band manages to meld old school histrionics with a newer sounding edge, and there are some nice harmonies going on too. I'd bet my Enuff Z Nuff collection that the singer's high pitched vocals come down to his balls being trapped in a vice somewhere though, well that's my theory anyway, good luck guys.




So to Dear Superstar who enter the arena backs turned to the crowd, singer Micky enters stage left also backwards, spinning round with pouts and screams the boys are certainly running amok tonight, 'Her Greed My Vanity' has the front rows simply ummm gushing.


Micky has a full-on intensity and belief but also a comic side so when introducing a track about the girl he loved as a kid until that monster behind the kit (Benj) fucked her, oops you can't help but laugh out loud with the man.


An interesting sort of emo-punk cover of The Kinks classic 'Lola' fits like a glove into the set perfectly, then it's 'Brink Of Destruction' and "We are Dear Superstar, thanks Cardiff, see you at the bar", top idea I think I'll join you.


Heavens_BasementAnd to the headliners Heaven's Basement, who it seems have changed their name more times than an un-named Über-staff member ran circles naked around a holiday camp in Prestatyn the other week. My first view of Heaven's Basement is their drummer Chris sporting a Quiet Riot baseball jersey, and I suddenly remember his dad used to be in Northern Glam legends Rox who just happened to support said QR on their Condition Critical UK Tour and I was at their Cardiff show on that tour...suddenly I feel very fucking old.


Singer Richie Heavenz being of Welsh origin looks happy to be close to home, as do the ladies in the front row all the way to the back row for that matter, these fellas are keeping everyone entertained.  Guitarist Jonny Rocker takes over lead vocal duties on one number, whilst the Basement Babes are also treated to a new track in the shape of 'Never Gonna Stop'?


As Richie speaks of touring with Dear Superstar and New Device as being 'Emotional', in a way his fellow Welshman Vinnie Jones would be proud of, I can't help think back to when I first saw these guys supporting Paul Di'anno way back when they were called Hurricane Party.  That night they would barely part the palm tress on their T-shirts with their live performance; tonight they would have torn the fuckers out by their roots (or hearts if you will) and some. This certainly isn't in anyway the same band, and Heaven's Basement certainly deserves utmost credit for keeping the faith in what they do.


Before I know i,t it's time for me to board the Über Express and head home with a night of quality Rock N Roll behind me. Thanks again for being ill guys, it was a ball.