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Nell Bryden - London, Borderline - 5th January 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Mark Taylor   
Thursday, 20 January 2011 05:00

Nell_2Brooklyn bombshell Nell Bryden released her debut 'What Does It Take' on Cooking Vinyl Records back in 2009. Since then her record label has released an astonishing six singles from that album, all of which have picked up some heavy rotation on national radio here in the UK. So I can't but help wonder why hasn't our heroine become a household name yet?


Nell Bryden takes her music from the roots of Nashville and New Orleans thrown into a melting pot brimming with the sounds of jazz, country, folk and Americana blues. So why should the Uber Rock faithful take any notice of Miss Bryden and help her in her crusade to becoming that household name? Well, if like myself you need to give your head a rest from listening to the delights of AC/DC or Metallica and enjoy the occasional change of pace by giving Travelling Wilburys, Stray Cats or Johnny Cash a spin, then Nell Bryden is your girl for the New Year. Saying that, maybe you the reader are the exact direction Nell Bryden should be pushing herself towards. After all the rock community is the most dedicated and faithful of all music genres. It has certainly worked for other crossover acts like Imelda May. After her little flirtation with Jeff Beck, Classic Rock magazine has given her much more exposure and the same treatment could only work wonders for Bryden.


Nell_1Onstage Nell Bryden is full of confidence. Her body frame hidden behind her vintage Gibson L-12, the songs themselves could lovingly be stored in any of the past six decades. Opener 'Late Night Call' has a Dixieland swing to it. Big Bad Bill would be Sweet William now if only he received a late night call from Bryden singing this jolly number. 'Where The Pavement Ends' shows the prowess of Nell's voice, as it demands your full attention throughout this haunting number. Latest single, the newly titled 'Glory To The Day (Helen's Requiem)' tells the story of the sad events of hurricane Katrina. Okay, Nell may sing songs of sadness but they all come with a positive message, and thankfully she is not the kind of girl who expects you to wear a coloured ribbon in support of sad causes. Bryden instead is a colourful character that knows the meaning of fun, and her songs are instant and memorable.


After just a few songs tonight Nell has to remove her jacket because she can't help dancing, even on the slower numbers, as Little Richard said ''The Girl Can't Help It''. With a fluttering of new songs, which show even more promise within here writing, the encore 'Sirens', a song which has taken Bryden a few years to write as she was there in New York on the day of 9/11 stood out in my mind. Only someone who was there to witness such an event can truly write such a beautiful number.


Ending the night with 'It's Not Like Lovin' You' a song that could've been ripped right out of Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie's songbook, Nell Bryden is a rising talent who plays rock 'n' roll in its most simplest and purest way, make sure you check here out...soon.


Set list: Tonight / Where The Pavement Ends / Glory To The Day (Helens Requiem) / What Does It Take / Lost In His Eyes / Mercy On Me / Soundtrack / Fingerprints / Goodbye / Only Life I Know / Second Time Around ...Encores...Sirens / It's Not Like Lovin' You