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Written by David O'Neill   
Tuesday, 30 January 2018 04:20

It’s the middle weekend in January and you really aren’t sure if you want to go to your local to watch two bands you’ve never heard of. The missus is in bed with the lurgy and she asks if you’re going out - knowing full well the answer is gonna be… “I was thinking of it, but ‘cos you’re not well I won’t bother tonight…”  Next thing you know you’re on your way.


Boom And The Tiny Explosion 8


The two bands on offer were Boom And The Tiny Explosions, a three piece alternative rock band from Bristol, and a Newport-based band called The Coyotes


I’m sitting in the almost deserted bar with my mate Jon when the Boom boys kick off. The music was good, but the vocals got me interested, so off we went into the stage room to witness a great set of rock from this three piece, along with some good banter and wit from the character on stage, drummer Mark.  Forty-five minutes later, we thought this was good: unfortunately, they didn’t have any CDs for us to buy, ‘cos we usually do if we like the music. They have some tracks on Soundcloud, but it doesn’t do justice to the driving bass and drums and some hauntingly different guitar sounds. Will definitely see these guys again somewhere. 


The absence of a crowd didn’t stop The Coyotes from putting on a stonking show of southern rock akin to The Cadillac Three or The Brothers Osbourne - the only thing missing was the southern drawl. They did have a CD, and we had one, but you really should check out their Spotify album:  if you like any of the southern rock that is currently hot, you’ll love this. 


Boom And The Tiny Explosion 9


So middle of January, was it worth the Sunday hangover? It certainly was. Good effort to both bands for playing bigger crowds will follow.


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