All Hail The Yeti - Brighton, Concorde 2 - 6th February 2015 Print E-mail
Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 26 February 2015 03:20


I'll be totally honest from the start - I was here to see All Hail The Yeti. I would never have come out of my house on a freezing February night if it wasn't for one the best new bands I've heard of in years - they released my album of the year in 2012 - they need to follow it up soon!
It looked semi promising from the off - I rarely expect this place to be busy anymore - the last time I'd seen it this busy was for local residents UFO and the first glimpse of Justin Hawkins' new band [at the time] Hot Leg more than a while ago - but more than a few yoofs were already in place as I got there for the support band Cytota. This lot may be everything 'older' fans would hate (promo pics with no socks, hip haircuts and a sense of image over music, etc) BUT I will say without a shadow of a doubt that the semi-recent addition of lead singer Griffin Dickinson was a smart move - the man has presence and a voice that is worth noting. The band best equate to his standard or he'll be gone before they've started but they put in a decent performance including 'Between Jesters And Jokers' and duly delivered a set that got the heat rising. Now this bit is important and took me more than a while to catch on: Cytota - the band advertised - are now in actual fact called SHVPES (we'll presume they're called Shapes and assume that they didn't know about the indie band from Birmingham) and I've no doubt that you'll be hearing a few things in the future about them. A support act worth investigating for once.
With the end of SHVPES' set came a surge of bodies from the bar and a surprising amount of people that came (like myself) to see support band, All Hail The Yeti. I'll say one thing first and foremost that should sum it up - this band were tighter than a nun's anus. Seriously, musically one of the best live replications of an album I'd seen and heard. 'Suicide Woods', 'Deep Creek', 'Bloodguilt', 'After The Great Fire' all effortlessly played with intense ferocity and accuracy that simply couldn't be faulted.




The towering presence of vocalist Connor Garrity coupled with the best backing vocalist around in Nicholas Diltz only added to the layers purposely flung down by the rest of the band. Whilst the crowd were typically UK and stand offish with the usual 'impress me bitches' nods of approval to start with, the band simply did what they do best and pummelled everyone into a realisation that this band were here to make friends and make every single person a fan. I'm pretty damn sure they succeeded in that. Smiles ensued everywhere you looked as the band threw down song after song of Yeti intensity that made your face scrunch and your ears bleed. The only downside was that it all ended so quickly. They should come back sooner rather than later.
36 Crazyfists headlined and I'm amazed that they drew such a crowd but that's what happened and, to be perfectly blunt, after a few songs they all seemed to blend into one for me and with my fix of Californian metal supplied, I simply left. 36CF certainly had the fans eating out of their hands so it was obviously lost on me and I've no doubt that any fans of theirs that were there were more than happy with the band. If you don't get it, you don't get it. Simple as that.
After a t-shirt purchase ('Die Hipster Scum') and a quick chat with top bloke Alan, guitarist from AHTY, I got the impression that the band were genuinely enjoying these shores and making waves every single night. You gotta go Hail The Yeti......


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