Bad Sam – Pontypool, Dragonfli – 3 February 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks   
Saturday, 11 February 2017 04:00

Fair play: the gigs are coming thick and fast this year. I’m getting asked every weekend and end up attending at least three or four different gigs all over South Wales and the West - and that's right up ‘til May already. But staying close to home is always good and this little number, re-slotted in to the Dragonfli, was always gonna be a goer. Chatting to lead vox Beddis beforehand, they have a new LP in the can, mixing nearly done and with the last hitting the top my LP of the year listing last time around exciting times are ahead.




With support bands pulling out left, right and centre, I think even the band thought if this going to happen - and do you know what? Fair play, the band did it on their own! Now, if you haven’t seen Bad Sam, firstly shame on you and secondly you really need to! They are a real force to be reckoned and front man Beddis shows no sign of slowing down, (stage? What stage?)


My only criticism tonite? Where was the crowd? Christ, if live music is going to survive it needs to be supported: fuck the cover band malaise that's gripping South Wales, fuck the sanitized rubbish that's being spoon fed to us through TV and radio, get out there and at least discover your new favourite band, on your own – or, better still, after reading about them on Über Rock.


Even though it became a bit disjointed, Beddis dragging out some intros to almost prog-like lengths, when the band hit it they were insane: the power, intensity and sheer fuck it all attitude really hit the mark.




Tracks played included ‘Terrorist’, ‘Christ Betrayed’ ‘Cliff’ ‘Cancer of the soul (Slowly Slowly)’ ‘Dicks with Dogs’ ‘Prescription Meds’ (I think), ‘Valium’ ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Nobody Likes You When You’re Old’, ‘Something In The Water’, ‘American Fat Fucks’, before being hit with the double header of ‘Bastard Son Of A Teddy Boy’ and ‘Black John Wayne’: just in case you weren’t battered enough, let’s move it up a gear!


Photo kudos to Rachel Bevan: she risked having the camera inserted where the sun doesn’t shine… it was no idle threat!


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