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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Friday, 09 February 2018 04:40

Pestilence posterAnother night, another gig over in Manchester. Having been snowed on the previous night, when leaving The Damned gig, I headed off, a fearful look to the skies and hope in my heart that the heat from the gig would stop the hypothermia on the way home - after all, what Northern man would wear a coat, even in these temperatures?! Luckily, it's only a short walk from the station to Rebellion, tonight's venue, so I pull my patch shirt a bit closer and brave it. It's not often, after all, that a band like Pestilence is playing a proper old school set, featuring tracks from just their first four albums.


There is only a single support band again tonight, in the form of Rebaelliun, a death metal band from Porto Allegre in Brazil, who have been around since 1998 originally, before taking many years off. Being the sole support for a band the stature of Pestilence is no easy job and the crowd is already quite busy as they take to the stage. There seems to be a bit of time before they start getting through to the crowd, but, after a few songs, heads are starting to nod and feet move. Vocalist/bassist Lohy explains the following song, called ‘Anarchy’, about how it is about rebellion and standing up for what's right, which seems to work with the crowd and some brutal Brazilian metal smashes over the crowd once more. There are gaps of silence between songs during retuning, as there is a struggle at times to properly phrase what Lohy wants to, but this doesn't seem to overly affect the crowd, who continue to enjoy Rebaelliun's set. 35 minutes later, and they finish their set to decent applause.


Time then for Pestilence to take to the stage, to show us if they have still got it, to what is now a very busy crowd. They start off and the mosh pit kicks off immediately, as some of those gleefully gathered for this are ready to get rid of their stress and anger and BOOM does the sound smash the crowd. They start where it all began, with the opening track to their first album, ‘Malleus Maleficarum’, before following it up with another three tracks from the first album. Vocalist Patrick sneers down the microphone, as he retunes for a song, drawling, “Are we playing tight as fuck tonight or what?”, to a loud cheer from the audience - as they well and truly are doing this jobs well tonight.


The entertainment now goes on to the second album, as ‘Dehydrated’ and another two from the album follow and the setlist choice has become pretty clear, in that they have literally just gone through the first four albums, start to finish and chosen, in order, which tracks to play. This is borne out as, after our seventh song of the night, ‘Echoes of Death’, we move on to the third album 'Testimony of the Dead', which brings us the next five songs of the set. With ‘Secrecies of Horror’ and ‘Presence of the Dead’ among the five, the crowd are foaming at the mouth, drawn fully in by a head pounding set by Pestilence. There is time for one song from fourth album, ‘Spheres’, again choosing the opening track, as with the rest of the albums, in ‘Mind Reflections’ before finishing on ‘Out of the Body’, from second album ‘Consuming Impulse’, to delight from the crowd. The band take their leave, with no time for an encore, with the audience satisfied enough after 14 songs of absolute brutality.


Facemelting gig.


Pestilence play Voodoo in Belfast (with Zealot Cult and Drakonis) on Friday 23 February, and Dublin’s Voodoo Lounge (with Zealot Cult and Skewered) on Saturday 24 February.


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