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Written by Ben Hughes   
Saturday, 04 March 2017 05:30

There's way too much rock 'n' roll going on at The Fulford Arms tonight for me to cope with. Sure, I'm here to see Scott Sorry and The Role Models play killer sets, but CJ and Rich from The Wildhearts just walked through the door, there are three members of The Main Grains chatting over beers and who is that tall dude with the mop of black hair towering over everybody else at the merch stand? It's only Michael Monroe's guitar player and artist to the stars (of glunk) Rich Jones. I'm sure that dude should be in Finland right now. Do you realise the possible jam potential in here tonight? Three quarters of the 'Chutzpah!' line-up and a man who has toured in Ginger's solo band… I secretly hope (sadly in vain) for something amazing to happen come encore time!


Scott Sorry Main


But for now it's not about those dudes, it's about these dudes. I've been hoping The Role Models would drag themselves into a town nearby at some point. Rich Ragany and his rock 'n' roll reprobates now have two killer albums under their belts and a third in the pipeline (Über Rock demands you go pledge immediately). Their brand of low slung, power pop influenced punk 'n' roll is raggedy and frayed at the edges, like the perfect mix of The Replacements and early Hanoi and live they are just as exciting.


With capos on their teles, Rags and guitarist Nick Hughes strut their stuff like it's 1970 something or other. Stuff from 'The Go-To Guy' lead the way, 'Lie For Today' and 'Saturday Night Sailor' fly by, the latter especially reminding me that the debut has been put to one side since I got 'Forest Lawn' and it's overdue a blasting.


Yeah, it's those newer tracks that do it for me tonight. 'I Broke My Back (Disappointing You)' is played early and in my humble opinion is still their finest moment. The catchy as hell sing-a-long that is 'Radio' also deserves a mention as it should be on your radio.


Rich lets us know he has never been to York before and wonders if we would like them to return soon. Dude, just let me know the date and I'll be there with whoever I can drag along. The Role Models made a few new fans tonight methinks.



Scott Sorry1


Scott Sorry is not a well man tonight and asks us as he takes the stage to help out and sing the words if we know them: oh yes, we sure do. To be honest, it doesn't sound like he needs our help as he cranks out the opening lines to 'Broken Hearts & 45's', the opening song from his most excellent debut solo album 'When We Were Kings'. It's as raw and powerful as the album version and perfect for this hot little sweaty joint in the heart of Yorkshire. 


There is no let up for the whole set as Scott and his band, that's Andy Watts on guitar, Roger Segal on bass, Kris Rodgers tinkling the ivories in the corner and Drew Bernier, (who smashes seven shades of shit outta his kit) give it everything they've got. They deliver a high energy punk rock show covering the new album, Sorry And The Sinatras classics and a few choice covers thrown in for good measure. We sing our hearts out to the likes of 'Riverside' and 'No Angels' just as much as 'Til All The Pieces Fit' and the fist pumping anthem that is 'Give It' as old mix with new to perfection. Roger even takes the mic to spit out a raw and upbeat version of SLF's 'Suspect Device', tidy!


Scott gives a shout out to Gingers tech Dunc, who is here tonight to keep his guitar in tune for the first time of this tour apparently. It doesn't stop the singer from breaking a string mid song before the set has finished though.


Scott Sorry York


'When We Were Kings' sounds amazing, such an anthemic song, a definite goosebumps moment as I sing along to that chorus. Bringing a good dose of cowpunk to The Fulford Arms tonight, Jason And The Scorchers version of Dylan's 'Absolutely Sweet Marie' is a highlight, a top choice cover of a cover if you know what I mean.


Man, this band are on fire and if this is what Scott Sorry can deliver when he is sick then good luck to any band that have to follow him. A great double bill of a tour and its great to see The Fulford Arms busy on a Sunday night too. Both bands are welcome to return any day of the week. Maybe next time we can get that Ginger-less Wildhearts jam session going, what do you say boys?



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