Dirt Box Disco/The Sick Livers/Bad Sam/Trigger McPoopshute - Pontypool, Hog and Hosper - 8th March 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks   
Thursday, 14 March 2013 03:20



There's something that beats in the black hearts of all of us here at Uber Rock, the will and the desire to champion the underdog, kick against the pricks that force feed mediocrity through previously worthwhile sources of info for music fans (you know who you are). This punk ethos has driven us all from a very young age: we have always dared to stand out and be different, refused to conform and had a fucking good time while we were doing it.
Where am I going with this? Quite obviously Pontypool's Hog and Hosper on a damp foggy Friday for quite possibly the best punk rock and roll line up that the area has ever put on (Slugfest excluded) and, what do you know, the driving force is Uber Rock's own Darrel Sutton - no surprise there then!!!! I mean, Trigger McPoopshute, Bad Sam, The Sick Livers, and topped by everyone's fave (or should be) Dirt Box Disco, who have blown apart every venue that they have played.
First up into the headlights of a not surprisingly rapidly filling venue was the uber-approved Trigger McPoopshute who, fair play, warmed the crowd up nicely with some back door rock and roll, some nice banter developing, and a sign of things to come. What should stand out though is that while all the bands come under the banner of 'Punk' we had four totally different sounds and styles (happy days). If you have never caught them live get out on the circuit and do so - there's a great chance to do so later in March when they are back at the Hog supporting 999. Go on, be a 'Gloryhole Viper'.


Next up, a band I was really looking forward to - Newport's Bad Sam, fronted by the legendary Dean Beddis, formerly of the Cowboy Killers, a band witnessed so many times in my early days that I could have matched the road crew, before they broke many a punk rock heart by splitting up.
Dean, you might pick up on, is well known to us here at Uber Rock, he has allowed us access to his expansive diaries of the time and featured them here. If ever someone lived the lifestyle then it's Dean.....but Bad Sam are not just Dean Beddis. They might have been off the touring schedule for a while (this is their second gig back after a triumphant return on St. David's Day in Le Pub) but, not to put too fine a point on it, they tore the Hog a new one!!! They were superb, intense from the off with opener 'Dicks with Dogs'. We had the homage that is 'Newport Hotel', we had 'Black John Wayne', but more than that we had a band on form and in your face, with a frontman climbing the walls, the tables, off stools and in the crowd more than on stage. Energy levels just got higher the longer the set went on with no let up and every song standing out. High spots for me - 'Slowly, Slowly', 'Bastard Son' and 'Sweet Dreams', with 'I Love The Port' a fitting finish. This band has so much potential it's unreal; absolutely blew me away and we are not even halfway through the nite!!!! Time for a re-group and some lubrication.
"How do you follow that?!" was going through my mind and, too me anyway, The Sick Livers initially struggled (or did they come on while the Bad Sam onslaught was too fresh in my mind?). Now this is a band we have been raving about here on Uber Rock, but I just wasn't getting it until we had the full-on onslaught of Turbonegro's 'Denim Demon' - simply stunning!!! Instantly revitalized, set closer 'Gimme The Drugs' could have been the standout track of the nite so far!!!! Looking back and talking to the youngest Uber Rocker Lewis B, dragged here tonite, the shine in his eyes showed a bit of an awakening from a nite before hangover and a proclamation of "band of the night." If you like your punk rock and roll loose, raw, sleazy and dirty with an exceptional frontman then these are the band for you. As for me, I'm looking forward to a potential tie up with the Hip Priests for a tour - Happy Days.
One thing to bear in mind, there seemed to be a rapidly expanding crowd throughout the night and only by taking your eyes off the action on stage do you get an idea of how many had come out to play.



If there is one band that Uber Rock has championed and, without exception, has been deserving of the hallmark that is the 'Uber Rock Approved' stamp, then it's got to be Dirt Box Disco. Word of the first album, 'Legends', spread like wildfire across all us scribes and it appeared on a huge number of album of the year lists, and I have to say not since the Ramones has there been such a powerful but instantly recognizable set of tunes, tracks that stick with you for days!!! And what do you know? Johnny H has just done a pre-release review of the new monster that is 'Peoplemadeofpaper' and, after hearing some of the newbies tonite, namely 'My Life Is Shit' and 'My Girlfriend's Best Friend's Sister', that difficult second album misconception so often heard and quoted by second rate metal bands has been taken apart. Live they fitted like a glove into the set, standing alongside the already classic material.
As our anti-heroes hit the stage you can feel the buzz from the audience (this has moved up about three gears through the night) and we’re off, and I have to say it, "What a fucking band live!" It's got to be the best gig I've attended in the last few years. We had 'The Other Side Of The Street', we had 'Rock n' Rolla', before we had the stupidly catchy, everyone in the venue singing along, 'I Just Wanna Be A Girl'. 'I Am Rock 'n' Roll', 'Smackhead' (moving it up a notch again), before one of my faves, 'I Don't Wanna Go Out With You'. 'Tragic Roundabout' from the first EP followed, before the overdrive button was pushed for 'Dirtbox Days' and 'Let's Get Wasted!'


The Hog was bouncing from start to finish, slam dancing as one, everyone smiling before it was over too soon. This is a band that everyone needs to see, the future of rock and roll is safe and secure in their hands - simply stunning!!!