The Loyalties - Camden Rocks Launch Party - Camden Barfly - 31st March 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Jo Hayes   
Thursday, 11 April 2013 04:00



Following on from Uber Rock's review of The Loyalties' album launch on 22nd February, I'm spending my Easter Sunday evening the best way I know how, enjoying some Punk Rock 'n' Roll (or maybe I should say 'Glunk!')


There are two shows this evening, the first being Rachel Stamp headlining the early show, and The Loyalties headlining the later show, but playing in the middle (who says headliners need to play last?)


Camden Rocks will be in June spread across many of Camden's venues, which The Loyalties will be playing, along with the likes of Therapy? and The Yo-Yo's.


On just before The Loyalties is The Vex who,at their best, you could describe as a crossover of The Clash and The Jam. An excellent start, but unfortunately a shaky set after that, with some questionable Ska thrown in.


This time The Loyalties aren't playing their new album in its entirety ('Til The Death Of Rock 'n' Roll'), but are instead doing a greatest hits style set, all in half an hour.


Kicking off their set with the best Glunk song since Backyard Babies' 'Look At You' - 'Til The Death' has everyone in the place at least tapping their foot, if not singing their heart out, or drunkenly dancing.


Keeping old fans happy and pulling in new ones, they lead straight into 'Jimmy Does', from their first album 'So Much For Soho,' keeping a theme going with an old song followed by a new song.


Billy The Kid makes an appearance on the duet for 'Will To Kill', and has one hell of a voice. This is a ballad type of song I actually really like (with it being by The Loyalties, I'm bound to like it).


I'm happy when 'Sugarcoat' makes an appearance in the set, and I'm so enthralled, that I have no idea the half hour is about to end until they announce their last song 'Whole Lotta Hate', showing off their new triple guitar set-up.


Bands can be damned if they do or don't if they dare deviate away from their original sound, and even though The Loyalties sound hasn't changed a huge amount since the first, the extra guitar gives it that extra punch.


Nothing I can write here will even give this band justice, all I know is I was left wanting more! Let's hope this time around rock 'n' roll isn't dead, and they carry on gigging and spreading the word of The Loyalties.




[Photos by Sophie Lo]