Corrosion Of Conformity - London, Camden Underworld - 26th April 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Darrel Sutton   
Wednesday, 11 May 2011 04:10

coc3Upon arriving in Camden tonight you get the sense there's something a bit special in the air. First off the SOLD OUT sign is up on the venue which is a good start but a quick listen to conversations around the venue make it apparent that people have travelled from far and wide to see this first appearance in London of the original Corrosion of Conformity line-up for a very long time. I came across at least 5 groups of Americans, quite a few Dutch, some Spaniards, and French. God it was like a UN summit rather than a gig.


Thing is, there's been quite a buzz around the hardcore world since Messrs Mullin, Weatherman and Dean decided to reform the original line-up that brought the world 'Eye For An Eye', 'Animosity', 'Technocracy' and 'Six Songs With Mike Singing'. And with scheduled support Panic Cell cancelling at the last minute, leaving a couple of local supports to warm the PA up, by the time COC hit the stage, the absolutely packed Underworld is positively salivating.


As the doomy instrumental intro gives way to 'Animosity' the crowd goes seven shades of apeshit, and the beaming smiles on Woody and Reed's faces show they're having just as much fun as the crowd. That's not to say Mike's not enjoying it as well but he just looks like Mike, if you know what I mean. Assuming the majority of the vocal duties, seeing him rip out stuff like coc_setlist'Hungry Child' is phenomenal. Over the next hour or so they plough headfirst through the whole of the Animosity album (with the possible exception of 'Kiss Of Death' I think), also taking time to dip into some other early day classics like 'Vote With A Bullet'. Over time you forget how seminal some bands and records were when they first came out, and hearing COC tonight really hits home just how fucking awesome they were and indeed still are. They may have changed style and made really some landmark metal albums in their latter incarnations but the raw, old hardcore COC are what they are really about. Watching Woody peeling off the manic riffage of sole encore 'Technocracy' is sheer magic and once the dust settles you really feel you were part of a really special gig tonight. There were a few token shouts for newer classics, but as Mike Dean says "Now why would you want to hear a song about a sea-bird?" and with the old classics on offer, no one could argue.


As the lights go up the band spend ages chucking picks and sticks and shaking hands, and having earlier watched all three of them set their own gear up and tune up (there wasn't a tech in sight) you also get the impression that the three of them have just got this in their blood and are loving every single minute of this tour.