An Acoustic Evening With Jaret & Erik - Cardiff, Solus - 10th April 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Dave Prince   
Saturday, 17 April 2010 06:00

bfsflyerWhen this gig was originally announced the venue was Newport TJ's. The initial tickets sold out within days so the promoters made the (right) choice in moving the gig to the somewhat bigger and better Solus in the University of Cardiff. Now whilst TJ's will always be special to the South Wales rock fraternity, I just goddamn love the Solus (Teminal 396) venue.


Getting to the venue at 7:10, I stepped into the hall and support band We Sunk Atlantis were halfway through their set. Whilst showing promise the band has some way to go to reach the next level. After going the cheap pop route - asking the crowd "Who is looking forward to Bowling For Soup?" - the band's last song was pretty good. The telling time of the band was when they introduced their last song to which the singer said that "it will be up on their MySpace within a few days." After playing the song the singers almost apologetically states "who these days uses MySpace" and that it will also be on Facebook.


After a quick stage change over of just 10 minutes, Jaret Riddick and Erik Chandler hit the stage. Well, I say hit but they more or less strutted onto the stage, Jaret surprising me as he came on looking like recently deceased 80's icon Corey Haim. After a couple of opening jokes regarding the onstage sound being powered by phantom power the band kick off the proceedings with 'Ohio (Come Back To Texas)' which surges into 'BFF', one of the outstanding tracks from their last album 'Sorry For Partyin.' After this the songs do have a tendency to bleed into each other and the song order kind of mixes from there. Rather than treating the show like some kind MTV Unplugged, the banter between Jaret and Erik with the crowd is more like a house party - the light shades on either side of the stage only emphasises the feeling.


Taking requests from the audience to me shows that the duo have become somewhat old pro's of this kind of show - the band actually started as an acoustic comedy act and it shows. When a member of the audience shouts for 'All Figured Out' Erik says all he heard was (adopts a Monty Python voice) "Please play All Figured Out" which become the constant joke of the evening with Jaret breaking down every time Erik adopts that voice, even leading Jaret to organize a conference call to their missing band mates Gary Wiseman and Chris Burney for thebfs1 next morning where Erik will repeat the impersonation. Apparently thanks to Jaret, Erik also did his only other impersonation - Eddie Murphy doing an impersonation of Bill be honest this was lost on most of the 14+ age audience, but to me it was comedy gold.


The duo proceeded to raid their immense back catalogue and whilst playing the usual suspects also played rarely heard greats such as 'Much More Beautiful Person', 'Trucker Hat', 'Smoothie King', 'If You Come Back To Me', 'Friends O' Mine', 'Me With No You', 'The Bitch Song', 'Star Song' and "a song about New Zealand", 'Belgium.' After playing for one and three quarter hours Jaret leaves the stage for a piss, whilst Erik continues the show with a cover of Willie Nelson's 'On The Road Again.' When Jaret returns, Erik takes the opportunity to have a piss and comments on Jaret's quick peeing technique. Jaret continues with 'Today Is The Greatest Day' which is also the theme tune to the 'Phineas and Ferb' TV show on which Jaret voices a character. When Erik returns they play 'Guard My Heart' which is a song written and sung by Erik. This is one of the highlights of the night for me I flat out LOVE this song!


Whilst introducing a song Jaret explains that whilst recently in Florida he was told that the chord sequence of the next song was similar to a classic AOR which he starts singing. Journey's UBER classic 'Don't Stop Believin' is given the BFS treatment and when Jaret hits the final high note it send shivers down everyone's spine. After finishing the main set after two and a half hours with 'I'm Gay', 'Almost', '1985' and their career saving song 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want', Jaret and Erik leave the stage for approximately five minutes (more than likely to take a piss as they were drinking Luscious Gary's all night).

The duo return to the stage and encore with 'Hooray For Beer' and 'Goodbye Friend', the intro of the latter has Jaret saying that Jesus was a great dude as he gave us holidays where we get to eat loads. Jaret then started saying that maybe they should do a Stryper song and starts singing 'To Hell With The Devil' - I'd say 90% of the crowd did not get the joke...but I was left grinning from ear to ear! After the last chords of 'Goodbye Friend' were played everyone spilled onto the slightly warm Cardiff streets of Park Place. I was left with a warm feeling of gayness inside. To be honest not many gigs can leave me so gay. Thank you Jaret & Erik!


Live photo kudos to Jodie Cunningham