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Written by Allan Maxwell   
Sunday, 14 January 2018 04:20

SOiL Tim 1Formed in 1997, Chicago heavy rockers band SOiL have sold more than two million albums worldwide and are best known for the hit singles ‘Halo’, ‘Unreal’, ‘Redefine’, ‘The Lesser Man’ and ‘Shine On’.


To mark their 20th anniversary in 2017, they released 'SCREAM: The Essentials', a greatest hits collection that also featured alternate versions of popular tracks and unreleased material, as well as a new studio track, ‘Gimme Some Lovin’, a cover of the song originally featured in the 1980 smash hit cult classic movie The Blues Brothers.


Ahead of their forthcoming return to the Über Kingdom of Rock ‘n’ Roll, as support to Alien Ant Farm (see poster below), I asked SOiL bassist Tim King to tell me about the one gig that stands out in his memory for all the wrong reasons:


The year was 2005. SOiL got offered to play at Spring Break in Miami, Florida.  The offer seemed too good to be true.  All expenses paid. First class flights, Prevost tour bus, hotels, meals, and a huge amount of payment for the gig.  So, of course, we said yes.  We arrive in Miami and it was great.  Everything they promised had come true. We arrived the night before the gig and went out on the town and had a great time. The next day was the show. We showed up at the venue and all the rental gear we requested was there.  The promoter of the event said he had a street team pass out 15,000 fliers around the Strip and surrounding areas to promote the show. We did soundcheck and everything went great.  Then we went back on the bus and awaited the show.


It was around 9pm and time to get ready.  We noticed a line around the block for the venue.  Tons of people waiting to get in. We came out on stage at the entire place was filled.  The venue was at capacity.  They were turning people away at the door.  We were so excited. Sold out crowd and about a over 100 people turned away because it was over-filled. You could not fit another body in the venue.


We started in with our then go to opening song, ‘Breaking Me Down’. We were jumping around and banging our heads. Then about half way into the song we noticed people leaving one by one. Until at the end of our four-minute extravaganza there were 50 people left standing there.  True soil fans from the Florida area that were there on spring break.  I saw our guitarist Adam just deflated and he even sat down on the drum riser in shame and played the rest of the set. It took the wind right out of our sails. 


After the gig we just got off stage and ran away the best we could. Upon looking at one of the 15,000 fliers that were passed out it said "National recording artists and Gold album awarded SOiL making a one-time debut performance at spring break in Miami FL. Don't miss this once in a life time event". Little did these people know that we were an heavy rock band with songs like "halo" and "unreal". The college student spring breakers were expecting Dave Mathews and we gave them Slayer.  No wonder they all scattered like cock roaches once we started playing.  It was the most deflating performance of our lives. It's was as if we were in a dream where you walk into school naked and forget to wear clothes with everyone starring and pointing at you.


Note to self: Spring break is not for heavy rock bands!!!


Alien Ant Farm tour poster


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