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Written by Allan Maxwell   
Saturday, 13 January 2018 04:40

When Alaskan metal crue 36 Crazyfists return to the Über Kingdom of Rock ‘n’ Roll this coming week, they’ll no doubt be playing to packed venues in front of hundreds of sweaty, moshing fans… not a showroom full of pissed off sales reps! 


Wondering what the hell we’re on about?  Well, proving that hell is indeed gig-shaped, Allan Maxwell recently got 36CF vocalist Brock Lindow to spill the beans on what he reckons must rank as one of the worst of all time, never mind possibly the most disastrous in the band’s storied career… The singer takes up the story:


36 Crazyfists


Many years ago, in the early days of the band, we were asked to play at a local car sales company for a promotion they were doing.


It was called ‘Kiss my Hyundai’, a competition where people would get selected and then stand with their lips touching some part of the car and the longest one standing would eventually win the car. The local rock station was broadcasting live and asked us to come down and play a couple songs to kick off the competition...


It started at 7am for starters, so we arrived and set up our gear and I watched sales men and woman who were just starting their day, picking up ‘phones and making service calls and whatever else they do on the daily grind. We started jamming and, of course, it was pretty loud in there: sales people on the ‘phones with clients could no longer hear their conversations and were giving us dirty looks.


I remember it sounding like hell in there as well, and the overall vibe was completely whack. I never wanted to be anywhere else more in my life!


I’ve always wondered if that gig matches up with the worst gig of all time: playing a car showroom floor at 7am with zero fans and pissed off car sales people has to be up there on that list!


36 Crazyfists return to the Über Kingdom of Rock ‘n’ Roll this coming week, with dates as follows:


Thursday 18 – Glasgow, Cathouse

Friday 19 – Manchester, Academy 3

Saturday 20 – Birmingham, Academy 2

Sunday 21 – London, Islington Academy


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