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Written by Allan Maxwell   
Sunday, 04 February 2018 04:00

Proving that heavy metal is indeed a universal language, Infected Rain have been laying it down out of the Moldovan capital of Chișinău for a decade now, releasing their third album, ‘86’, last April.


I recently caught up with singer Lena to find out about one gig that sticks in her mind for the wrong reasons… and she didn’t have to dig too deep into her memory banks:


Infected Rain 3


My gig from hell was actually not that long ago…


We were in Czech Republic, at Fajtfest in July of 2017. It is a festival that is taking place at a beautiful location in the middle of the nature reserve, that is used as a ski resort in the winter.


Everything was nice and awesome, the festival was going perfectly until a crazy storm hit. And trust me when I tell you that no one can be prepared for something like that. The ice that was falling from the sky was the size of an egg. It was destroying the stage and the equipment on it. They had to stop the show eventually.


Not too far from the stage there was a bar/cabin where people could have drinks and chill. That was where everyone went to find shelter. After the storm, it was impossible to continue the festival due to all the damage to the stage, but no one was giving up. A few bands, including us, decided to try to put a show on in that bar/cabin. We tried to get the party going, you know.


Infected Rain 4


It was a crazy idea as you can imagine. Hundreds of drunk and desperate metalheads trying to get inside, trying to see us. I had to sing the whole set standing on the bar with no monitors. It was hot as hell in there. [But], people were so happy. There was sweat and tears everywhere. It was crazy fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been so close to the crowd.


I’m never going to forget that day.


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