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Written by Lee Love   
Sunday, 19 February 2012 05:00

Lee_Love_bass_bwLee, before we get going with the interview It would be great if you could give us one or two great stories to use for our Hell's Gigs section....


Ah, blimey. We've got enough mental stories ourselves, even barring the 'getting wanked at' story that we'll no doubt talk about later... So how about these for starters? Swinging off water pipes in Slovenia mid gig causing floods (and helping mop the club out afterwards), singers wandering off during guitar breaks mid song then being found in, ahem, compromising positions with young ladies, getting chased by Jamiroquai's bouncer at a service station for urinating over his car, being thrown out of your own gig for being overly..erm...forward to some young ladies, singers actually shitting themselves onstage two songs in and having to finish the set (a classic), losing your clothes and having to wear a girl's shrug cardigan for two days, getting the shit kicked out of you post gig in Manchester thanks to your mouthy drummer, speed induced heart attacks in Holland, getting locked in some mad uber-groupies' flat in Sweden at an alleged post gig 'party', drinking throat gargle and hallucinating, sniffing anything, being thrown out of own gig in a bowling alley for exposing yourself, shouting sexual abuse at thirteen years old in Manchester because they told us we had a flat tyre (we did - sorry lads..), The lists goes on...


Gigs from hell, though, no, none...all of 'em were great...the broken down vans, burst tyres, all that shit just makes it even better!


Ha ha.    


You can find out how the rest of the interview with brother Lee Love turned out in just seven days time right here on Uber Rock, don't miss out on the 'Full Tilt Bullshit' that's about to follow.