Micky Satiar - Dear Superstar Print
Written by Micky Satiar   
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 08:00

Our gig from hell was definitely RipCurl Boarmasters Festival in Newquay. Don't get me wrong, we had a fucking blast - but the story goes like this....

The night before, we played a show in Newcastle (400 miles away from Newquay). We got off stage at 11pm to the harsh realisation that we had to load into Fistral Beach, Newquay at 9am the following morning!




So we had a smoke, grabbed some Redbull and started the 10 hour drive to the show. We arrived at 9am and loaded straight in, when we were immediately presented with our ridiculous rider - 2 bottles of Sambuca, 2 bottles of Vodka and a colossal amount of Stella!

Our friends in Kids In Glass Houses and Elliot Minor were also there for the show, so it just spelled disaster. We hit the stage at 8pm and I could hardly see, but miraculously we played the show of the year!!! The power of alcohol somehow negating our fatigue and made us into fucking super heroes!

We got offstage and continued the party, where Benj took a piss on our manager (we never saw him again after that show and lost our deal); I slept on the beach and only got woke up by the tide coming in over my feet... I still don't know what happened to Stew and Adam as they got ejected from the festival grounds! It was a fucking disaster - but the most kick-ass day ever!!


Whoever booked us for that show MUST have regretted letting our 5-strong wrecking crew through the gates!!