Johnny Bennett - Gig From Hell Print
Written by Johnny Bennett   
Sunday, 03 June 2012 05:00




Gig from Hell? Well, I think early morning live radio performances are tuff. It's hard to perform and feel warmed up really. Which takes me back to my live performance on The Janice Long Show on my last UK tour.


Janice had really gotten behind my UK single 'Sailboat' and invited me to perform on her show she produces out of Birmingham. It was a 9am call, I think.


Anyway, I was in London the night before and the plan was to take the early Virgin train up to Birmingham the following morning. In my infinite brilliance I decided it was a good idea to get highly intoxicated that night with a group of fun and exciting strangers. Smoking, drinking and assorted other elements lead me back to the flat at 5am, spinning.


The next fantastic idea was to not sleep, as my manager was to meet me at the train at 7am. So I get my gear together at the door and sat back on the couch. Two hours and 25 calls from my manager later I woke up in a frenzy and a complete mess.


A manic taxi ride followed and we made the next train. I wouldn't wish doing a live BBC interview / performance whilst hugely hung over for anyone really. It was an out of body experience as I thought I was going to be sick at any moment, which I guess could have made for some special entertainment. But that's rock n' roll right?


I guess I feel like there aren't Gigs from Hell for me. No matter if a show goes really well or terribly bad it's the real me, and I'm living my dream for better or for worse. Sometimes the hard gigs are the ones that are most important.


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