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Written by Michael Kiske & Dennis Ward   
Saturday, 02 August 2014 03:30

It's been a while since we asked a band about when they found out Hell was gig-shaped, right? Following EP and album reviews, a mixtape, and an extensive interview, Uber Rock offers the last blast of Unisonic boom as Michael Kiske and Dennis Ward reveal all about their nightmare gig experiences.....




Dennis Ward: Oh man, I've had it all. I fell off a one and a half metre high riser because I was blind and there was no lights there or tape to mark it off, all kinds of shit. Like I had an amp blow up onstage. What's that smell? Had that crap. I played with Pink Cream at this festival in Greece, my amp was smelling funny and the sun was coming right at us and it wasn't helping. Apparently the fan inside was busted and you see the smoke coming up and it's smelling. The bass is getting fuzzier, the guys were pulling the cables out and spraying everything they could but they had no back up so we just stuck it out and had to deal with it. I was miserable for the rest of the show because I don't like playing like that. It's no fun, you know? It's kind of funny for a second, but you soon want to forget it.


Michael Kiske: I just remember once, quite a while ago, we had a concert with Helloween somewhere and the power went out. Just gone, darkness. I think it was somewhere in the Russian direction. It wasn't in Russian, it was Hungaria or something. We just sang acoustically for a little bit with the audience. There was lots of things I'm sure but that's one that stands out, most of the stuff is just shitty stuff you'd like to forget.


I also remember that we were on tour with Ronnie James Dio in the eighties. It was the most interesting time, in my opinion, of his stuff, it was the Last in Line tour. It was a great tour, great fun but they had an accident with one of the trucks that had all their guitars in. All the guitars were destroyed so we gave them our instruments. They asked us if they could borrow them and we said of course, go ahead. We were like totally fine, we were so happy that we could help them out. Then one guy from the crew, our crew, asked them to pay for it. We didn't know that as a band, you'd be insane to do something like that, it was probably the tour manager but I don't clearly remember who it was. Ronnie James Dio was getting champagne and stuff and wanted to thank us for being so kind and then this guy says "Oh you have to pay for it." They were kinda pissed about it but it wasn't our fault. I think we cleared it up later on but I think that was so stupid. These things just shouldn't happen, some people just don't know what's right.




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