Will Crewdson - Rachel Stamp/Scant Regard - Gig From Hell Print
Written by Will Crewdson   
Monday, 26 September 2011 05:00

willRachel Stamp were booked to support Korn at the London Astoria. This might not be such an odd pairing these days with every band and their dog being much more comfortable with eyeliner and flouncy rock 'n' rollness. Back in the mid to late '90s however, the merest hint of campness in the metal fraternity was pretty much a no-go zone. And we were more than hinting.


So..... we went on in full glam attire and did our best half an hour of punked up glittery rock to be met with a torrential onslaught of beer cans and plastic pints. I have to say we stood our ground and only the drummer and keyboard player received the gift of contact to the head (the perils of sitting down on stage) they soon left the band after this very gig but that didn't stop us. We ended up almost gaining the audience's respect by our completion of this hazardous set and I'm sure made a few new friends in the process.


So just remember all you horrors with your little chemical romances, Rachel Stamp died for your sins so that you may camp it up in peace forever more.