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Written by Matty Dorkings   
Saturday, 24 November 2012 04:30



(One of) My gig(s) from hell would definitely have to be when we entered a battle of the bands contest in Newport bloody Pagnell. I got arrested the night before for generally being rad, I woke up with no laces or belt and covered in candle wax... but the cops were actually pretty cool and even gave me a chilli con carne!


So I used my phone call, just like in the movies to call Adam (drums) to come pick me up from Wembley police station so we could go to the gig. After Adam’s crappy, cheap and utterly useless SatNav sent us to a field in the middle of nowhere, we turned up to line check just before our slot, only to be told to play so quietly that we can hear our shoes squeaking over the noise of our guitars! Needless to say this did not go down well in the Meansteed ranks and the Marshall stacks were soon cranked up to the correct level – fucking loud.


The crowd was awful, and I never say this about an audience but this one truly was! I have no time for Emo scene kids who stand around with their arms folded, fringe over their eyes and occasionally do a flying kick/gay mating ritual/dance routine every now and then. Maybe I’m too narrow minded/old but scene kids can do one, if you’re not at a gig to rock the fuck out, get drunk and try to get laid then why the hell are you there?


The next band on after us went down a storm, mainly because the cool kids in the audience were their mates and looked identical to them. This Emo band then proceeded to slag us off down the mic in front of everyone so we ended up in a fist fight in the car park afterwards..... what a crazy 24hours! I see now why when you’re on tour you only ever go to the service station at Newport Pagnell, you never actually play a gig there.


P.S. we came dead last in the battle of the bands contest.


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