Erik Chandler - Bowling For Soup - Gig From Hell Print
Written by Erik Chandler   
Saturday, 07 December 2013 03:20

Remember that series of teeth grindingly compulsive features called ‘Gigs From Hell’? We hadn’t forgotten about it... honest. It’s just that bands don’t seem to want to share their tales of tour terror right now. Well that is all except Erik Chandler from Bowling For Soup. You ever wondered what might be behind them retiring from touring the UK? Well read this and you might just get a hint of a reason…..then again, who knows?



BFS live band shot


“We played a gig in Folkestone a few years back that sticks out. As we were in this amazing venue built on a side of a cliff. The dressing room is all windows and is in the corner of the building. The venues and place are just beautiful.


The venue was it sold it out and it was a totally rockin' show.


About halfway through the show these bottles start coming up on stage. When we realised these red necks who are watching the show don't wanna leave and go out to the toilet to take a piss and so they piss in the bottle and are throwing them up on stage at the band.


I got hit with a bottle of piss and then at one point Jaret gets hit in the face with a fucking boot. So we walk off stage and we were like – “we are never coming here ever again and we have never done there ever again!”



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