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Written by Matt Phelps & Greg Shaw   
Sunday, 04 October 2015 03:00

The Gig From Hell feature was once Uber Rock's flagship product, until that pesky Midnite Mixtape Massacre came along and won over a million black hearts. We refuse to forget our roots, however, and there will always be a place for Hellish gig memories on the website to excite. Uber Rock's Matt Phelps caught up with Greg Shaw from Australian thrashers Truth Corroded when they toured the UK with Nile and got told a tale of Mongolian folk, vodka and turtlenecks......




Gigs from Hell? I know the perfect one! The first time we went through China we supported Behemoth in Beijing. It was their very first show in Beijing, the first time they'd been to China as well. It was really at that time that bands were starting to break into there. You had Arch Enemy out there, Lamb Of God, all were starting to tour through there so it was a great show to be involved in. It was fucking sold out, huge response. Crazy.


Then about a year later we thought we've got to get back to Beijing; I mean, we'd sold a load of merch and we had a lot of fans there. So we went through the same promoter and we got a show at the same venue and it was all looking great. Then three days out from leaving we find out that the show had actually been double booked and they were gonna have to cancel us. Now the band that had booked the night originally were a Mongolian Folk band and they were courteous enough to actually say we don't mind sharing the night, so if you guys still wanna play...


It was like Spinal Tap but we were like, fuck it, we're gonna be going anyway so what the hell we'll go ahead and do the show. So we rocked up at the venue and it was absolutely choccas but the people there were really arty looking people. Turtleneck skivvies and horn-rimmed glasses, drinking Chardonnay and they're there for a sort of world music event.




The band were called Hanggai and when we'd arrived in the country they took us straight out for a night on Mongolian vodka. So five hours from arriving at the airport we're blind drunk in a taxi going back to our hotel and we don't remember anything about it. They absolutely ruined us! Anyway, two days later it was time for the show and, yeah, it's got this really unusual crowd so we don't know how this is gonna go, we really don't know. Hanggai were really courteous again and said, you guys can play after us, you can headline the show, you've come a long way. Very cool.


So the opening song I think took about 30 seconds to clear that room. People were running for the door, clutching their ears. I mean it wasn't a complete disaster, people were curious as to what this fucking thrash band / death metal band were doing playing after this Mongolian Folk band. It was a cool experience nonetheless. We've stayed friends with those guys ever since because it was such an awesome gesture on their part and the fact we went out and had drinks with them. They actually used to be a Punk band before they were a Mongolian Folk band.


If you've got an hour there's probably a bunch of those stories I could tell. I think playing in Asia it all comes with the territory, particularly playing through China. We've had some interesting experiences but we've also had some of the most radical shows ever over there as well. The same goes for other parts of south east Asia. Vietnam was one of the best shows we ever had. We rocked up, there was 80 watt practice amps, this horrible looking kit... We thought we'll try and make the best out of it. But the mixer was an absolute guru, he nailed the sound and it was fucking crazy, man. From about halfway through the first song to the very end it was just one of the craziest crowds we've ever had. Just absolutely going off. It was one of the best gigs we've ever done. It was unreal.



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