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Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 15 January 2018 04:00

Choke Chains artworkHailing from the Midwest, this bunch of misfits love playing loud garage rock with a thick fuzzy bass and big jarring riffs with vocals that more often than not are distorted cries for help.


Eleven songs pressed onto two sides of a record, starting with 'Big Data Skeptic' and its phat fuzzy bass intro with a neat floor tom workout happening, and then we're off! Great start - great start indeed.  It sorta sets the tone of the album and Choke Chains are doing things on their own terms and the only tune these guys are dancing to is their own!


'Mayan Starship' is slower, more menacing and full of intent from the off - this is impressive, borrowing from The Stooges in attitude and licks, which I'm sure you'll agree is always an acceptable place to be.  'Cairo Scholars' is sparse but has great energy and attitude and side one ends with a punch as 'Rat Ladder' is a rousing Fuck You!  And I like it! With songs that never overstay their welcome and clock in at a perfectly acceptable two and a half minutes, these cats have been paying attention. 


Lead track 'Android Sex Worker' kicks off side two with a warped guitar lick and a much more laid back song fucks with your head as the fuzzy vocals have a digitalized echo to kick this one along.


Even the song titles take a turn for the bizarre, with 'Sunday Go To Meeting Whore' stepping up with some jarring guitar licks whilst the rhythm section play it solid, with moments of Southern Death Cult springing to mind: not that this is retro hipster shite, because it's definitely not that. 


'One Brain Dead' rocks out like nomeansno in my mind, whilst the album closes down with 'Put Your Hands', which isn't a million miles away from something Jeffrey Lee Pierce might have appreciated… and then we're done.


Choke Chains was a new one on me and I found them thoroughly engaging, from the noticeable bands that have clearly shaped them musically to the way they've recorded the songs with that full in yer face bass fuzz and the distorted vocal style. This is well worth investigating.


‘Choke Chains’ is out now.


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