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Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Wednesday, 17 January 2018 04:00

Bestialord artworkBestialord are a new occult horror metal band from Wichita, Kansas. Having formed in 2016, they started recording Law of the Burning in early 2017, which has now just been released.


As debut albums go, this isn't too bad. There is an amount of potential in the guitars, as the hooks are pretty good, certainly grabbing your attention. While they class themselves as “occult horror metal”, it might be a bit better to say they are atmospheric death metal instead, as their sound certainly gives more credence to that, while also changing the expectations of what you would get from the album.


There is a clear Slayer influence here, in terms of the guitar sound. While the standard Death metal growl is there throughout, is it clear and the words are discernible, which is to vocalist Mark Anderson's credit. The guitars seem to have a fairly standard sound throughout the album, so there is a definite theme ongoing.



Sadly, the production side of things seem to be amiss a couple of times, certainly with the drums, as they occasionally came across as grating slightly, or perhaps a touch rawer than the rest of the instruments. Also, there needs to be a bit more variation in the hook, as a lot of the songs are interchangeable. While they're not bad songs, it does at times feel a touch repetitive, due to that similar sound throughout. While there is obviously a theme here, it could perhaps not be stuck to quite so tightly, which I think would allow them all a bit more creative freedom to express themselves better.


With that all said, the album is still enjoyable and is certainly not one I regret listening to. While it is closer to an old school Death metal sound, in my opinion, obviously, this is hardly a bad thing and is something that seems to suit how they play. I firmly think if they looked more at doing that than at times using effects pedals on the guitars solos for more of a psychedelic effect and that occult sound, this outfit would improve sufficiently to get a much better score, as I think there is not enough of that psych/occult edge in their music to really attract that kind of fan.


Overall, an album that's worth a few listens, but probably will not be featuring on my end of year best albums list.


‘Law of the Burning’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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