Mean Motor Scooter – ‘Hindu Flying Machine’ (Dirty Water Records) Print
Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 18 January 2018 04:20

Mean Motor Scooter artworkIt doesn't seem fair that one label should be responsible for churning out great record after great record, again and again.  Add Mean Motor Scooter to the long list of swirling alternative garage rock ‘n’ roll mayhem.  Rebeka plays keys folks and her sound is what makes this shit swing and boy does it swing!


From the off, Mean Motor Scooter are putting on their shit kickers and kicking up a shit storm.  'Wavespotting' is like a psychedelic fucked up wipeout and, from the manic laughter, this frantic, swirling fest is having a ball in my headphones.


Mad as a box of frogs, 'Sea Serpent' is a howling hoot! The Scooby Doo sound effects are just barking and not at all rough (sorry couldn't resist it!). We try some cosmic hand-jiving on 'Cosmonaut', as we all get into the spirit of things; as the effects swirl and the drums rise and fall, the vocals get some loud hailer treatment, as do the guitars when they harness that feedback – and, by the way, that's a fine scream, sir!


'Lizard Man' hitches a ride back to the ‘60s and stays a while, as that keyboard gets a good shoeing on 'Shape Shifter'. We all know Sam - yes man, 'Sam The Homosapien', as he strips it all back for a song that is super cool, boys and girls, as it gets its mojo working and sporting a great guitar break… it is a real highlight.


Mean Motor Scooter will have its ravenous niche audience, and I bet that live songs like 'Come And Get It' will go down a storm, as will many of these numbers, to be fair.  The lyrics might be out there, as are the song titles and subject matter, but get over that because the music rules and has an edge to it, as well as being bloody addictive.  Stay out of the Texas midday sunlight, guys, it's messing with your minds you crazy mofos – but, saying that, if it's in any way helped shape the sound you guys make then please stay out: drink, party on and keep doing whatever you're doing because the end result is fantastic and most certainly put a smile on my face.


‘Hindu Flying Machine’ is out now. You can get your copy HERE.


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