The Hip Priests - 'Full Tilt Bullshit' (No Balls/Ghost Highway/Fixing A Hole Records) Print
Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 28 February 2012 05:05

hipuseHandsome Dick once asked the question "Who will save rock 'n' roll?" Well, deep in the heart of middle England - the black, dark, pulsating heart - comes The Hip Priests. They are doing a fine job of that without the backing of major labels and PR companies and, here in 2012, they can pick up the gauntlet and save rock 'n' fuckin' full tilt roll (to give it its full title). 


"About fuckin' time!" I hear you all cry. England's finest purveyors of filthy rock 'n' roll The Hip Priests are back, boys and girls, and this time they're loaded up on full tilt bullshit and offering a chance to check out vocalist Nathan Von Cruz and see what's in his locker (apart from a stash of pics he half-inched from London phone boxes). When you ease this beauty into your player or onto your turntable then I suggest you crank up the volume dial and strap yourself in because 'Sonic Reproducer' is as brutal as it ever was and Von Cruz shines on this fucked up classic. 'Sonic Reproducer' says everything that is good about sped-up garage punk; it is reckless abandon, it's power, it's wild, it's four gender benders kicking up a shit storm and, if this is your first introduction into the world according to The Hip Priests, be ready and don't be too frightened - it's just about the best way possible to start any album. 'Wrist Action' follows on the coattails with some super sleazy guitar licks that would make Asheton and McCoy proud to possess a wah wah. 


You just know that they're going for your jugular and not about to fuck around either. 'Loud 'n' Lewd' is a rifftastic blur of energy, just think the brute force of Algy Ward and Scabies driving the rhythm in the engine room with a frantic catchy chorus and before you know it you'll be wandering round your super market mouthing the words "Do It Loud 'n' Lewd." I'm not even half way through this beast and already I'm sweating and feeling slightly anxious with an overwhelming propulsion to break something. 'Outta My Head Into Your Pants' has all the influence of prime time Stooges with that hypnotic riff on the bass and guitar, as it kicks off (quite literally) it's like a hell bent rave noise but using real instruments - possibly an early contender for the track of the album (this shit is sublime). 'Gang Of One' has a hint of the best bits from the Misfits and The Dwarves (if I may be so bold) but it's as catchy as chlamydia on a college campus and slightly more enjoyable, I'd imagine. On the intro for 'DNA Dynamo' I thought the boys were running out of steam but the intro fooled me, like a little pre-cum before spilling their load over my speakers, and I think it's safe to say that The Hip Priests have delivered the goods as pouring forth before me is a collection of songs as good as I've heard in a long time - sure it's filthy and foul mouthed but isn't the best rock 'n' roll supposed to be that way? From the inspired cover art of Steffen Winkler this bullshit is absolutely top notch. If Turbonegro were to make a record this good the music press would be soiling their collective panties over it, but it's not; it's The Hip Priests and the press should be soiling those undergarments anyway and championing one hell of a beat combo.


It doesn't matter where you drop the needle, whether it be 'Fast As Fuck' or 'Demon In Ma Genes' or 'Sonic Reproducer', this is as good as it gets mofos and you'd be foolish to pass up on the chance to get hold of this. Austin Rockett has the licks and riffs by the bucket load and excels himself time after time throughout this record and it's a joy to hear someone attack his axe with such purpose and cocksure confidence and manage to make the damn six string weep, from 'Sonic Reproducer' to the album closer, 'Terminal Lust', as it soars to an uncompromising finale that is quite simply stunning. 


I knew it was going to be good but I wasn't expecting it to be this good, and that ain't no bullshit: this is lubed up, filthed up, fucked up, sped up rock 'n' roll of the highest order. It's wild, it's reckless but most of all it's fucking superb!! Now click on whatever link you have - get loose and squeeze the juice and buy this bastard record! It will not disappoint. 2012 will be the year of the Hip Priests. Take a bow messrs Love, Rockett, Skintight and Von Cruz you deserveapproved_image_lrg_2012 it, you sick, sick puppies! Now for a lie down and a rub down - Nurse, I'm drooling again!!