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Written by Nev Brooks   
Saturday, 13 January 2018 04:20

Now, you probably recognize Brandy Row from his time with The Gaggers. If you don’t, shame on you and hit that “find” button, or move forward a little bit and check out The Truebadors. But, what happens when your own stuff doesn’t seem to fit your bands any more?


The answer is to go it alone. A true sign of good music is how well it stands up acoustically, on your own, under the spotlight so to speak. I caught up with Brandy the tail end of 2017, spent a day in his company, talked music, arts and literature and what came out are the highlights. 2018 is going to be a huge year for this guy.


I started by asking him how he would describe his sound to those unfamiliar with his work?


Definitely urban, potentially new age, defiantly experimental, psychedelic folk, but ultimately rock and roll.



You’ve been really busy on the gig front… what are the live plans moving forward into 2018?


Yeah, it’s been really busy. I’ve been blessed to play in some great places, starting in Germany in January, then moving into and covering a lot of mainland Europe. I’m making my first trip to Chile in March, which is going to be fantastic. Japan is lining up and I’m hoping to be back in the USA by the end of the year.


Rumours are you’re back playing with a band in Germany: can tell us a bit about them?


Yeah, I’ve got a great band called The Nightshades in Berlin. The whole thing happened quite organically. They are mostly based in Berlin, except one of the guitar players who is from Italy currently transposed to the south of Germany. It’s a high energy band and we gel well together, all coming from a punk/rock ‘n’ roll background, they get my direction and we share the same ideology regarding health and social opinions. Most of them have been in well known bands on the circuit and I’m blessed to be playing with them.


Is this a set up we might see in the future in the UK?


I hope so. There might be a UK band coming soon too. 2018 is shaping up to be a very intense year, with lots of new things on the horizon.


I picked up a copy of the latest single, ‘Do or Die’, and, fair play, it’s a belter. What inspired it?



Actually, ‘Do or Die’ is an old number… I’d written it maybe 12 years ago? It had always been with me and I’ve always played it live. It was due to be on my album, ‘In Reverse’, but it didn’t really fit with the flow of the record – and, to be honest, it’s a song that I probably would not have written now. We decided to release it on its own, so it wouldn’t get made redundant and fall into the abyss of “should have, could have, but didn’t!” pit of songs that I have.


Moving on from the single, is the LP in the pipeline?


Yeah, ‘In Reverse’ will be coming soon. I have a brand new single coming early 2018 called ‘Sweet Tranquility’.


A little bird told me there are also a couple of books in the pipeline, what can you tell us about them?


The first book is called ‘Unwritten Stories’: that will be coming soon. There is also a book in motion called ‘The Probable Self’, which is about my experiences in this world and how amazing it is that even one move can alter our very existence.


With all the travelling you’re doing countrywide and across Europe, the iPod must have become a best friend? What are you listening to at the moment?


I do a lot of writing on the road. There is always music playing in the background, though. I listen to a lot of ‘30s blues and ragtime, and meditation music. As far as new stuff goes, I love Nick Cave’s new LP, ‘Skeleton Tree’, and Pokey Lafarge’s new record, ‘Manic Revelations’.


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