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Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 11 January 2010 19:31


Towards the tail end of 2009 my whole listening experience was given one firm cowboy booted kick up the arse by an album from a Swedish Band I'd never heard of before, playing some real old school Bluesy Heavy Rock 'n' Roll.  The name of that band is Bonafide and the album in question is their sophomore release 'Something's Dripping'.


Not only did 'Somethings Dripping' go on to make my Top Ten albums of the year it also paved a route of discovery for this reviewer regarding the bands musical legacy and very soon I was receiving little CD packages bearing Swedish Post marks as I also sought out the rather wonderfully monikered Pontus Snibb's  (Bonafide's lead singer) somewhat prolific solo recordings as well.


So it was something of a pleasant surprise when we received a communication direct from Pontus thanking us for our recent positive review of 'Something's Dripping' and offering to spend some time answering any questions we might have while he was heading across Europe playing a massive set of shows right up to Christmas.  You know there's always time to talk when you're trapped on a tour bus.... So lets do it.



PontusHey Pontus, thanks for taking the time to talk with us at Uber Rock, for our readers who may be wondering who you are and what you do, can you please introduce yourself.


I'm a singer/guitarist/drummer from Malmö, Sweden. Currently grooving with my rock band

Bonafide & the classic cult band Jason & The Scorchers, where I'm a new member on drums.


So, we catch you mid a thirty date tour with Bonafide, how is this going?


It's going great! We're breaking new grounds & getting a lot of new fans. Spreading the hard Rock'n'Roll & Rock over Europe


You're out supporting Bonafide's second album 'Something's Dripping', how do you think that album turned out?  And how's it been selling?


It's been selling very well. We shot right into 16th place on the national sales chart in Sweden, ahead of Megadeth & Ace Frehley who also released albums the same week. Germany has reordered the album 3 times now.

So far I think we've sold about 4,000 copies, and we've only just got started.

We put a lot of effort and money into the recording, and I must say I'm very pleased with the result! We've had lots of airplay in Sweden and Europe. The latest cool thing was, Bruce Dickinson played us in his radio show on BBC, way cool


You out on your own this time around? Or are you part of a touring package?


We're out with the Swede metal queens Crucified Barbara. 13 people in a nightliner!


Pontus_5How do you describe Bonafide's music to those who haven't heard you?


Hard, Groovy Rock that comes out of the blues and classic rock scene of the 70's.


And what type of people do you get at your gigs? I take it from your Gig From Hell you don't have many sailors at your gigs...(laughing)


Ha, ha, well. Now it's bankers,  bikers and lovely women in the audience instead.  No more cruise ships for me.... well, actually we've done three more boat gigs since the disastrous first one.


I have to say that yet again my favourite albums have nearly all turned out to be by Scandinavian bands again this year, do you guys have something in your water that helps you produce soooo many fine bands?


I think it has something to do with the simple fact that here in Sweden the facility exists for children to learn any instrument they want with a teacher in low/mid grade for free, which the government pays for.

Most of my close friends as well as me started out that way.



Any bands you guys want to recommend to us we may not have heard of yet?


Well, Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch, Bullet & The Scams are all great Swedish bands.


Pontus_8Moving back to Something's Dripping, Mia Coldheart (Crucified Barbara) adds her velvet like tones to 'Straight Shooter', which sort of makes you guys immediately sound like Young Heart Attack.... What do you think of comparisons in general and what bands would you like to be compared to if any?


When it comes to that song, I wrote it as a duet with Mia in mind. Since Crucified Barbara tend to sound a bit like Motörhead, I went for that vibe. Other favourite bands are Led Zeppelin, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, Muddy Waters, Bad Company, Black Crowes. You could say we're a mix of them all.


And what are your favourite tracks on Something's Dripping?


It varies from day to day but right now I'd say Hard Living Man. It's actually going to be the next single/video.


I note on your Myspace page that you have vocal heroes in the shape of Bon Scott and Paul Rodgers, but have you ever heard Ron Young (Little Caesar) or Doyle Bramhall II (Clapton and Arc Angels)?  These guys are some of my personal favourite singers and you fit right into their mould.


I'm a big fan of Doyle Bramhall II; he's a great singer & guitarist!! I even have his first (very rare) solo album. I haven't heard Little Caesar at all. Got to check them out.


Pontus_2Also I hear a lot of David Coverdale (Northwinds era) in your voice especially in your solo (Admiral Street Recordings) stuff, what do you say to this?


I love him, but he ripped Paul Rogers off with all his licks, so I'd rather go to the main source.

But I love the old Whitesnake stuff, before Vandenburg & Vai. Coverdale's an amazing singer.


So while I'm on about your solo stuff, you are also a fine drummer, how do you find time to do Bonafide, drum in Jason and The Scorchers and then still produce solo albums?  I can't think of that many lead singers who also drum (Andy Sturmer and the obvious Dave Grohl) does this make you a bit of an oddity in the Swedish music press?


Well, I guess so. This is all I do, so I find the time for it somehow. For me, it's just a plus, playing more than one instrument.  When I write a song I can feel every part of it, and have a clear thought of how everyone should/could play & how the finished song should sound.

When the song is written I'm already in the mix, ha ha.


Back to Bonafide you'd toured with the likes of Quireboys, Whitesnake and Status Quo, what's next for you after this European tour?


Some Swedish gigs & then back to Spain for some dates in March. Our main goal is just to play, play and play. Except for May, then I'm out touring Europe with the Scorchers.



Any chance of some Bonafide UK dates?  The upcoming Airbourne tour would be ideal for you guys.... that would be packed houses for you every night.


Yep it would, we're actually friends with Joel of Airbourne. He watched our Sweden Rock Festival gig last year from the stage. Then we had some beers & he got to try my main Gibson SG. He wanted it, ha ha. We've kept in touch ever since.

That would have been a crazy tour package...my god...no sleep till....


You know we are behind you guys 100% here at Uber Rock, and we'd like to see you over here sometime soon.


Thank´s that's great to hear.  We're getting good British feedback now. Bruce Dickinson playing us on BBC, We're one of Malcolm Dome's 'Six to watch out for in 2010' in Classic Rock. Someone whispered in my ear that we'd be getting good reviews in both Classic Rock and Metal Hammer's next issues. So hopefully we can come to the UK soon.


OK, just to finish off we like to have a bit of fun and ask you to put together a dream festival line up that you would put on as a promoter, be as artistic as you like Pontus, this is just to see just how cool you guys music tastes are !!!!!


All right, here's the line-up for SNIBBORAMA 2010!!



The Who

Rod Stewart and The Faces

Cheap Trick

Bad Company

Allison Krauss & Robert Plant

Them Crooked Vultures/Foo Fighters (Grohl has to work hard for his money)

Rose Tattoo

NRBQ (with Al Anderson)

Doyle Bramhall II (so you guys would come down)

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin

The Jimmy Page Band (where I happen to play drums)


Will my budget cover that? ha ha


Well Pontus thanks again for taking the time to talk with us at Uber Rock and we wish you all the best with the tour and into 2010. You certainly know your classic rock and if anyone reading this still hasn't sought out the band's superb 'Something Dripping' album then get off your arses and buy it now!!!!




All tour photos by Staffan Hamrin!!