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Written by Johnny H   
Friday, 15 January 2010 17:36

Glitterati_7Caught up in the veritable whirlwind of activity that swept through the Hard Rock Hell Media Centre -  which, to put it into context, was the Lt Col Walter Rowley OBE Snooker Suite converted for the day, with tables nicely covered and "do not put your beverage here" signs everywhere - we found the room was buzzing with activity and crammed full of some of the biggest names in rock. Fuck, was that really Warren DeMartini who just said hello to us?


Finding our next intended targets wasn't too difficult as they were the coolest lookers in the room next to us and without losing our thread too much, we pulled up a spider rest, perched our tape recorder precariously on cue, and chalked up our third interview in under an hour with UK rockers The Glitterati.  



Midway through a UK tour with US rockers W.A.S.P the lads from Leeds, Liverpool, and London were certainly in good humour having arrived a day early at the festival to catch up with the unfolding events.  So cramped up around our converted under 5's mini pool table we quizzed Paul Gautrey PG -Vocals, John Emsley JE -Lead Guitar, Billy James BJ - Drums, Baz Morrison BM- Bass, and Gaff G- Rhythm Guitar, about life the universe and ...well, Satanism.



OK guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at Uber Rock (at this point I'm thinking I've lost my questions for the lads) so, Satan is he really evil? Discuss


Much laughter all around (as I quickly find my questions...phew)


As Uber Rock tends to champion the bands out their doing it for real, we jumped at the chance to talk with The Glitterati as we've been fans ever since we saw you supporting The Wildhearts way back when.


PG Why thank you, that's cool.


3glitteratiliveYou've certainly played with loads of bands since then your out now with W.A.S.P how's that all been going.


PG It's good man, the crowds are really big, and we getting a good reaction each night. I mean obviously the crowds are definitely there to see W.A.S.P there's no doubt about that.  But we think we're winning quite a lot of people over, and we weren't sure how their crowd were going to take to us, but it's been great.... for the gigs we've done.


Ahh... we've already heard about the Swansea show being cancelled.


PG Yeah that was a bit of a strange day, after a five-hour journey up there.

JE Then we got to the hotel and nothing worked in the hotel.

PG Then we moved to another hotel and then no show. But all the shows have been brilliant, we certainly can't complain.

BJ It's just great to be out there again.

JE It's nice just to have things moving for us again, in a real positive way again. And coming together because we spent so much time making the record pulling the band together and for us to actually be out working now is like thank fuck for that.


And does this fell like a bit of a second coming for you guys? New record deal and two new members in Gaff and Baz.


PG Well they're not that new now (laughs).  So we were obviously on Atlantic for the first album and we're on Demolition now and it's obviously a real different label to what we have preciously experienced. And I think it's a label with a really strong rock roster, whish is something that Atlantic never really got.


1glitteratiliveDid you feel maybe like maybe you got a bit lost on that big a label?


PG Well if you look at the bands we toured with, some of the most pop sounding bands you'll ever hear we were thinking is this rock? And we started to get the feeling they were just throwing things against the wall to see what would stick, trying to fit us in somewhere rather than...To be honest the people who were there when we signed had also all gone by the time we were out so we just noticed it progressing into more and more of a pop label as things went on. And I think they had bands like The Darkness or something previously and were just looking for the next cash cow in that market.

JE When we went out to South By South West we were playing and hanging out and having a good time, and our label arrives and says "Right we're taking you to this gig now", so we think cool they'll buy us some beers whatever.  But who did out label take us to see?  James Blunt!

PG We got thrown out for heckling...(Much laughter) by the label, they kicked us out for heckling.  I mean we didn't even know who he was at the time, it was just this guy and his acoustic guitar, and we'd got all excited about this gig because we thought were just about to see the next big thing in rock.  And at that point we had started recording the album (the one that they have now finished with Demolition) and they told us at Atlantic that they weren't going to be concentrating on rock and would be concentrating on singer/songwriters so.


Which is not exactly a positive position is it for a rock band on that label.


PG Well once we were told that we just thought we wanted to do even more of a rock record as well. Just because they were trying to make us more pop and anyone who has seen us live knows we are a rock band, and trying to make us more palatable for the label just was never going to work, and we're just so happy to be on such a good rock label now.


So the new album is produced by Matt Hyde? He seems to capture this really live vibe (well he has with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Gallows), and it sounds like he's done the same for you on the only track I've heard so far recent single 'Fight Fight Fight'.


PG He's great, we've known him since we first moved to London, which was like five years ago and at that time he was just like a Tape Op/Tea Boy (laughs) he'll love that. We just stayed in touch and then because we didn't have a deal when we started making the record, and with only three guys in the band we knew we had to make a good record because our first album was really well produced. So if we came back with something scratchy raw or a demo type of thing it just wasn't going to work. So we had to on a budget of zero make a better album than the one we did on shit loads of cash. So we needed someone who wanted to work with us because they liked the songs, and Matt although he's renowned for his work with Slipknot etc, is much more of a rocker and is into our kind of style. And it worked really well.

JE Yeah and because he'd been used to working with heavier bands he brought and additional level of well.....heaviness to our sound. Which is exactly what we wanted with the Atlantic situation still fresh in our minds.

PG Yeah and we're really happy with it, and I know everyone says it and will never say they've made a rubbish album, but this is the album we were looking to make.


Glitterati_2So when is it due out? We can't wait to hear it with all this positive talk.


PG Well we'll hopefully have another single out in January/February with the album out by the end of February fingers crossed, but end of February start of March time.


And a bit of an Uber Rock exclusive then, what is the album going to be called?


PG It's called 'Are You One Of Us?' and that is an exclusive in so much as we've been told not to say until Demolition do all the press, but we've been telling people that for months now, so its not that exclusive. (laughs)


Not wanting to look backwards again here, but I have to ask this. What was it like working with Mike Clink on the debut album?


PG Oh it was amazing, he's such a great guy.  We were sort of like not intimidated but it was a big thing for us to go out to there for three months and make that record and he was the sweetest guy you could ever meet, absolutely no ego, with a real family guy persona.

JE We went to his house for Thanksgiving and were made to feel very welcome.

PG You can tell he's lived through a lot of things and he has some stories I can tell you, but I still say to this day he is probably the nicest guy I've ever met in the industry.  And this is obvious with the respect he has from other bands who just happen to pass through you know like Velvet Revolver would drop in.  And I'd say his biggest skill is making bands fell was our first album and he's worked with bands a hell of a lot more experienced and he makes you feel really good about yourself.  Something he must have done with the likes of 'Appetite' you know? As it's easy for a band to lose confidence when its not going great straight away you start to worry but he gets the best out of people and is just such a nice guy.


Glitterati_5And back to the here and now, Hard Rock Hell, and I know you've only been on site like and hour or something what are your initial thoughts?


PG Cool man, I've never seen anything like it.  We've been told to expect a Rock 'n' Roll Concentration Camp.


Well that's not far off, especially if your staying on site, we'd heard most bands tend to forget about their rooms and just gatecrash the VIP rooms. We've already had one night of it.


JE This sounds wicked.

PG But its about tomorrows show for us more than anything. Too be honest as we're on a support tour right now going our knowing nobody has much of a clue who we are or a few people do, because we do most nights get a few down who remember us, but the importance of tomorrow is to get the message out to the wider audience and for the media to get a chance to see us, I mean we don't even know how busy it's going to be so we'll just give it a go you know, as we are on quite early. We're really looking forward to it man you know.  With the new line up we've hardly done any gigs for the last year or so and we've done more gigs in the last week than in the rest of the year we're really starting to feel like a touring band again.  Having done one off shows to keep our fans together, now with the new deal and this being the first tour we've been out on for what feels like and age, and with two days off now we just want to get back playing you know.


The great thing about Hard Rock Hell is that even at one in the afternoon guys you will get a good crowd and you'll have people who would never have checked you out suddenly on their forum saying just how awesome you were.  The people do come to this festival for the music first and foremost. Tigertailz success last year at two in the morning being a classic example


PG That's what we love about doing support tours as well. Because we hadn't done and album since, well our first album which was out in 2005. A huge time between albums so we do recognise that to a lot of people we are starting again. We know we've still got a fan base but like if we want to progress we're going to have to steal fans off other bands, and that's what's great about gigs like this as it's not about people who already know us. People who wouldn't normally see The Glitterati if they just saw it advertised.


2glitteratiliveThe audience here I would say are much more the type of people who would go out and buy and album by a new band though than say your average punter at say Download though, who might just do that to your music.


PG The thing we've observed when we've toured with the likes of The Wildhearts and W.A.S.P is the complete loyalty to the bands.  And even with us now and that Wildhearts tour was probably our first one where we were signed to Atlantic, and a lot of the people who saw us back then are the ones who come to see us now. As opposed to when we toured with a lot of the poppier bands they don't come and see us anymore.  I think you just get that with the Rock crowd you know.

JE You know what if we can kind of sit here in five years time and have hooked into the same kind of loyalty that The Wildhearts and W.A.S.P enjoy then that's the ultimate, because that's really what we want.

PG And we have nothing but respect for those bands they are still touring still pulling major crowds and still working and that's what everyone wants who ever forms a band. The bands that were touted as the next big thing are not the ones headlining European Tours it's these guys, you know.


Guys I think we've sadly run out of time here, but one more questions before we go our separate ways, we do normally do out Uber Rock either Or round at this point, but as you have two new members in the band we wanted to test your newly founded loyalties to all things Glitterati with this conundrum. 


If I could offer you immediate overnight success, major arena tours, platinum albums, mega riches, but for all that one of you had to have it up the dirtbox to get the keys to Heavy Metal Heaven, who would take one for the team?


ALL- (immediately) Gaff!

PG Most definitely Gaff, why you looking to chat him up????...(all laughing now)




At that point we thought it only right to leave things as they stood with that fine example of Uber Rock psychometric profiling still fresh in the young lads minds. We did catch up with the guys quite a bit over the weekend, and it has to be said that a nicer gang of musicians you could not wish to meet.  Genuine to the core and a rip roaring live band, the audience the following day at Hard Rock Hell's second stage were certainly treated to a lesson in how to be a great British Rock 'n' Roll band, with minimum amount of ego and maximum amount of great songs.


Uber Rock HQ is positively buzzing with anticipation waiting for the release of  'Are You One Of Us?' later this year.  And for this here reviewer The Glitterati are forever the band that finally proved Angry Anderson wrong as Nice Boys Really Do Play Rock 'n' Roll.