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Written by Dave Prince   
Sunday, 28 February 2016 04:00

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In just a next few days’ time US power pop sensation Ryan Hamilton will kick off a UK tour in support of his Uber Approved 'Hell Of A Day' album. To find out what lies ahead for you lucky ticket holders out there we asked Dave Prince to compile some searching questions for his favourite fanny pack lovin' humdinger of a musician…and this folks…is what happened next.


After the spectacular reaction to your debut solo album 'Hell Of A Day', you are coming over for a UK tour with Danny Gruff. So with all the great things happening, how is life for Ryan Hamilton?


Life is really good Dave. There was a bit of a learning curve after going out on my own. I wasn't ready for the reaction to be as "spectacular" as it was! (Laughing) Things continue to surprise and overwhelm in the best way. I’m just so excited to have the opportunity to do a proper tour, with my band... and play songs from ‘Hell Of A Day’ live.


What can fans expect from the tour, with the band being basically three quarters of the UK live line up of People On Vacation?


We did a small US tour together last year. It was the first glimpse of how/if the shows would be different. The solo shows ended up being way more rock ‘n’ roll. Sort of like an old school, sweaty, Texas Saloon. Were everyone is drunk and dancing and there for the music. If my UK friends don't get the "Texas Saloon" reference, they'll just have to come to a show. (Laughing) I freakin’ love being in POV, but let's be honest: a lot of people are there to see Jaret's "other band". Those shows end up being half comedy and half music. Which is great, but I'm really enjoying playing the solo tunes, playing the POV tunes with a different spin, having an equally awesome, but definitely different, kind of fun.



So after we (Uber Rock) premiered the tremendous promo video to 'Records And Needles' in October last year, what have you, the artist Ryan Hamilton been up to?


First of all: You know what's crazy? You guys premiered it, and we got an amazing response. The video got added to ScuzzTV, and it's still on television in the UK. So awesome. If I ever get to the point where my video being on television isn't the coolest thing ever, please remove my head from my ass... and punch me in the face. Cool? Thanks. (Laughing)


Ok, now, what was the question? (Laughing)


Oh yeah, I've been super busy adjusting to this new-fangled solo career. Fulfilling online merch orders, building a house, drawing, painting, writing new songs, practicing guitar - it's never too late to be better at something - prepping for the UK tour, doing interviews... I could go on, but I'm not going to. (Laughing) It's been the best kind of crazy round here.


Touching on you art, how do you find time to paint, draw and start a record company and then sign new acts?


It's a struggle, and I'm still trying to find the balance. Life is short and I have A LOT I want to do! Luckily, I have a small, but super dedicated team of friends and family who have jumped in to help. We're still learning, but we're getting the hang of it!




So I understand that you are going to be recording the follow up to 'Hell Of A Day' in Scotland, and in a castle no less. Does this mean we'll get some bagpipes and hopefully The Krankies on the new long player? Also when will you be looking to release it?


True! Why? Do you play bagpipes? You wanna be in the album? Don't count anything out! (Laughing) I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I’m recording a 2nd solo album... in Scotland... in a renovated castle is even happening? Insanity!


I’m gonna launch a PledgeMusic campaign sometime soon. I've learned just how important the "fan funded" platform is these days. I like to include all the amazing people, who choose to support me, as much as I can. We're set to start recording, in Scotland, in July.


Having been on the music scene for a decade now, or at least on my radar anyway, is it the independent route that keeps the ride fresh?


Yeah, I think so. I've been down the dark, dirty path of major label ways. I hated it. There's a certain sense of pressure being an independent artist. You have the freedom... but you want to make sure you create quality stuff, that you're proud of... that people like... and it's all on you! I actually love it, a lot.



With your amazing cover of REO Speedwagon's ‘Take It On The Run’, are we looking at maybe some more AOR on the next album/this tour? How about some Foreigner or maybe some Vanilla Ice/Spice Girls?


That cover has been forever ruined by my drummer, Mickey. He started singing, "take it up the bum" during a rehearsal. Now, it's the only version we can play. Because we can't make it through the "real" version without laughing. (Laughing) I like doing covers. We're working on a David Bowie cover for the UK tour, but don’t tell anyone…. (Laughing)


To me, you are the kind of artist that could sing anything and give it, what I call, the Hamilton touch - is there an artist you would love to collaborate with?


Well, thank you! Very nice of you to say. My answer to that question will always be the same. There are three. Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Noel Gallagher.


Is there anything you would like to say to your fans UK and from around the world?


“THANK YOU!” I will never be able to say it enough. Things are headed in an exciting direction. I think I've released the best music of my career so far... and I think the live shows are going to be the best we've ever played.


Ryan Tour


Remember folks Ryan kicks off his UK tour March 3rd, playing songs from his debut solo album 'Hell Of A Day' plus some songs from People On Vacation and his back catalogue. Support on all dates comes from UK musician Danny Gruff.  


The dates are as follows;




For tickets and news, visit: www.ryanhamiltonmusic.com


To pick up your copy of 'Hell of a Day' - CLICK HERE