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Written by Lindsey Appleton   
Sunday, 12 March 2017 04:30

I came across Arthemis back in 2010 at the DOA UK in London. They combine a terrific modern day thrash with lightning guitar riffs, soaring vocals, fast paced solos, thundering bass guitar and pounding drums, creating a unique sound that makes their live shows a hard one to follow; the four piece line-up delivers uplifting catchy metal with no boundaries, always acclaimed by the fans and the media as "Judas Priest meets Megadeth"!


ARTHEMIS Blood-Fury-Domination    promo pic 3 by Annalisa Russo


The band now on album number nine, ‘Blood – Fury – Domination’, due to be released on 7 April, I caught up with vocalist Fabio Dessi to talk about everything that is happening in the Arthemis camp right now. I started by asking about the lead single, 'Undead', and if they were happy with the early feedback from the fans:

Oh yes! We have had many positive reactions from our fans/friends. [The video got] more than 50,000 views in few days, [so] we are really happy about how things are going so far. We want this album to reach metal fans from all over the world. It's our mission!


As mentioned, your new album, 'Blood – Fury - Domination', comes out on 7 April: can you tell me a little bit about your new material, the recording process and your time in the studio?


The new album is the result of two years of hard work. Andy (Martongelli, guitarist and band founder) wrote some songs during our European tour with Gus G, and when we came back he started the proper song writing process. When the songs were finished, we worked on my vocal parts. We recorded the album in our own studios, and the result is 100 per cent ground-breaking, true to ourselves and towards the Arthemis fans.


Can you tell us how you came up with the name 'Blood-Fury-Domination' for the name of the album?

BLOOD: The meaning of “blood” is strength, vitality and honesty and Arthemis is all about that! The message is clear! FURY... 'cause to reach your goals even if you're a very positive person like we are, you always need a little bit of fury, anger to give you the right motivation. That fury turns into energy on stage! And our live attitude is exactly like that! DOMINATION: we want to conquer every single town, every single person as we're sure our music can fire you up! You conquer fans one by one, cities, countries, the world, the universe!



How does the new album compare to your last studio album, 'We Fight'?

The BFD album is the natural evolution of ‘We Fight’ as there are some common elements in the music, sometimes in the lyrics. BFD sounds huge and it's Arthemis 100 per cent adding extra balls to the balls he,he,he!


Will you be returning to the shores of the UK to perform your new album on a tour, if so any dates set for when you may be returning?

Oh yes, we will come back in the UK for sure! Our management is working on it, I think we'll come back before the end of the year with our new show... It's going to be EPIC!


The band Arthemis has been going strong for 23 years, since 1994, with no signs of quitting, what keeps you going as a band?


ARTHEMIS Blood-Fury-Domination    promo pic by Annalisa Russo

We really love and respect each other in the band. We've got different lives, with kids and wives… [But] we call each other every morning just to say “hello”, because we are friends... this is our secret!!


When did you realise you had a talent in music, and what are your earliest music memories?


Wow. This is a good question as I think this is just what happens in life, without thinking too much about that, it's our nature and what we were made for! Everybody has a place and meaning in this world and make Music with passion, hard-work, spreading our love for what we live for is our one. During the first two years we were rehearsing seven days a week five hours a day. This says it all: [we’re] ha ha ha ha crazy!


Looking back over the years of Arthemis with everything you have achieved as a group, what are you most proud of?

We played on big stages like Hellfest, Download, Bloodstock, Wacken, Hammerfest etc... Personally I love all the festivals - but in 2014 we played at Download on Sunday and Aerosmith were the headliner that day... well... That was AMAZING!


Do you have any dreams for the band which could take you further in your musical career?

What can I say... I love my band, it's part of my life and I want the best for Arthemis... Our dream is to make the band as “BIG” as possible!


What would you say is the secret to a successful career in music?

Believe in what you do EVERY DAY, it's the only way to “survive” and make good, true music.


Outside of the music world, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I really love to spend time with my dog, my girlfriend and go to the gym. My life is very easy ha ha ha!


What music are you listening to at the moment, what would we find on your iPod?

A lot... I mean, I listen to music all day every day! All the classics like Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest etc... At the moment I'm listening to the Eagles... such a great inspiration!


What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We want to play as much as possible. It's time to get back on the road screaming louder than ever!!!


Is there anything you would like to say to your fans before we finish up the interview?

Thank a lot to all of you, we really hope you will love this new album... it's completely dedicated to you metalheads around the world! Keep the Arthemis flame alive, brothers and sisters!


‘Blood – Fury – Domination’ will be released on Scarlet Records on 7 April.


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