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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 05:00



Interview With God.........


There was a time when I used to believe Michael Monroe was God. I mean if there was a God it sure had to look like Michael Monroe and sing in Hanoi Rocks, right!!!? There could be no other way!!! It was either him or Paul Stanley, no doubt about that. And I chose Michael Monroe. I had briefly met God about eight years ago, and tonight I was supposed to interview him. Man, what do you ask God???? Everyone's asked God just about everything!!! What the hell could I ask God then??? At the last minute, God's manager told me I could interview him alone or with two of his bandmates (God's always been a rocker, and now he's got a brand new rock band, called the God Band), and I thought ok I'll have the three of them. More fun, right? Well, I made sure at least I wasn't chewing gum tonight, but other things I couldn't guarantee... So here's the result of my interview with God....



Hey tonight's a great night for London because the Michael Monroe band is playing here tonight, it's April 9th, we're just a few minutes away.....


Michael, Ginger and Sami - Yeah, yeah yeah yeah! Hahahaha! Ok go ahead.


First off, I don't wanna miss the chance to let you know your song 'Dead, Jail Or Rock N Roll' is a great song and I wanna thank you for making it.....so thank you!


Michael - Thank you, I appreciate it.int3


How's things today?


Michael - Rock 'n' roll!

Ginger - Jolly good!

Michael - No dead, no jail, just rock 'n' roll,....that's good.


Are you feeling happy with the band and the tour?


Michael - I'm ecstatically happy with the band, it's the best band I've ever had since I started solo...

Ginger - Apart from the original Hanoi Rocks!

Michael - I just said that, I said since I started soloint15

Ginger - Ha ha oh you did!

Michael - Yes, you missed that! Ha ha ha!


This new supergroup you have now is kind of a dream come true for many a Michael Monroe fan, Wildhearts /Ginger fans, New York Dolls fans....


Michael - Yeah, and the Dolls and... Yeah, everybody loves everybody... ha ha... it's great.


Yes, it's wonderful! I have been following your posts about the tour on your blogs, it seems the tour has been a total success. Can you choose one night, one show or moment in particular that you remember as being a super great time?


Michael - All of them, all the shows have been great. Last night in Stockholm was fantastic and they've all been all great shows. Where I live right now in Turku, that was a brilliant show. Helsinki was great, the States were great, you know all over the West Coast, SXSW, all the shows have been either great or brilliant or fantastic, ha ha ha.


Ginger - Texasint10


Michael - Yeah, Maggie May's


Ginger - That was our first great great great gig. We did lots of really good ones, but Austin was a really great one.


Michael - Yeah in Austin Texas, at Maggie May's; it's a club, it's like a rooftop outdoors. It was a really cold, freezing day, we started to play like at one a.m. and that was really intense. It was cool.


I've been watching some live vids of the new band on youtube too and you really sound int14incredible, and you are amazingly energetic and rock the stage as if you were twenty, how do you do it? How do you stay this young? How do you keep the energy?


Michael - Discipline. Yeah, I take care of myself and keep in shape. Rock 'n' roll keeps you young, I guess that we're living proof, twenty years have gone by and nothing has changed, we're doing it better than ever, rocking out harder than ever.


Today's your last date of this tour, then you go straight to the recording studio to record the new album, right?


Michael - Not exactly, we're gonna start writing more, we've already written a bunch of stuff but we're gonna really start writing in ... you know Sami's gonna go off with the Dolls for a couple of weeks... that's not the reason we're stopping but that's sort of a perfect timing, we'reint6 gonna keep writing and go to the studio sometime probably in the spring now, in May, in New York, that's the plan.


Ginger - Create some beauty.


Michael - Yeah... put out a release of a couple of songs this year, one form or another, and then we're planning to put out a full length album out in the early part of next year.


Early next year?


Michael - Yeah, once we decide who's gonna produce, where we're gonna record, stuff like that. We're not rushing. We're not rushing.....we're not Russian, we're Finnish!


int11Ginger - Not me, I'm English.


Michael - You're English... ha ha. We're, you know, not taking too long but we're not still in any kind of panic to get a record deal or put the record out, we're taking our time but not taking too long.


How has your songwriting process changed with this record, if it has changed at all, since you have written the songs with all the other guys in the band?


Michael - It depends on the song, I'll write myself but I prefer collaborating with people, especially with guys like these, it's really really great you know and we just kind of just started basically, haven't really scratched the surface of what we can do, with Ginger, Sami and Steve Conte, that's a fresh band, it just got started you know.


Do you have a songwriting routine, or have any favourite places or situations where you become inspired to write a song?


Ginger - On a guitar!


Michael - ...with a guitar??...  Ha, yeah, anywhere really, New York is great, anywhere you go you get inspired by what you see, you hear and we all have pro tools at home we can sit at home and skype chat and go "hey man, got an idea here" and send stuff over... you know, modern technology.


Ginger - (With an exaggerated accent) I've got GarageBandforum


Michael - (With same accent) I don't... Well I do but I don't, ha ha... I don't want it


Ginger - But I don't want it either


Michael - Do you not have Pro Tools now mate?


Ginger - I don't, I, I....


Michael - I, I...  well you oughtta try (still joking with Geordie accent).... Anyway, ha ha.


int9I am curious about knowing if there is any truth in the rumour that you plan to work with Warrior Soul's Kory Clarke on a future project?


Michael - What was that?? Where did you hear that??...


Someone told me!


Michael -  Well, that someone knows better than I do!


Sami - The Hedwig thing?


Michael - Oh, that was just talk, y'know? Ha ha. I love Kory and he is a great guy, he did the backing vocals on some of the 'Pirates Of The Baltic Sea' song, and he is a great friend, I'd love writing with him if it's feasable but I mean, if we end up in the same city at the same place at the same time but, we haven't really... No concrete plans so far, but I love Kory and sure, why not, I'd love touring with him too.


One of the upcoming Finnish tour dates will take place at the Helsinki Live 2010 festival, where Guns N' Roses will be headlining, wouldn't it be cool if Axl would come out and sing a song live with you onstage? Any chance of something like that happening?


Michael - Who, Axl? Oh ha ha I can't say that, you know there's no way of knowing what's gonna happen. It depends on... I don't know, it's too early to say.




I am using your iPhone application and just recently I saw a couple of photos you posted, in one of them you were standing next to a horse... by your side...


Michael - (Looking surprised) .. Oh yeah that was at the horse races in Finland!


... And in another one you were riding a bike while playing a videogame...


Michael -  Oh that was on the ferry, the boat over from Helsinki to Stockholm, just a game.


Is that an example of what you guys usually do in your time off while touring?int13


Michael - No, I haven't played a game like that for.. ten years...


Sami - Yeah that's what we do, we hang out with horses and bikes! Ha ha...


Michael - Ha ha... Yeah horses and bikes! We like to ride things you know! Ha ha!


What else do you do then?


Michael - We're just playing rock 'n' roll, just passing the time, it's never boring with these guys. I'll tell you there's a great vibe within the band, we really really getting along great. We drove from Las Vegas till Texas, twenty eight hours, in a van, and there were no arguments, no irritability by anybody it was a great time, so that's rare you know, that goes to show that we really do get along.


And what is your typical day when you're not on tour and at home?


Michael - There is none. No days typical ha ha. No. Well, I'd get up and usually I'd do my boring routine exercises... bore myself to shape... ha ha. Well, you know, when I'm working I'm int4just busy busy busy... play the show, get back to the hotel get some rest, get up in the morning get to the next gig. When I'm home, personally I spend time with my wife and my cat, watch tv, relax, chill.... What do you guys do?


Ginger - I don't have a home.


Michael -  You don't, what an adventure!


You're homeless?


Ginger - I am actually, I am professionally homeless. Yeah I figure out where I'm gonna stay at, and then I go and make my way there.


Ooh! That's kind of nice.


Ginger - Yeah, that's what I do. Hopefully it's at a hotel after a show.


Uh huh. And you Sami?


Sami - I live in Brooklyn, I chill with my homies. Ha ha.


Do you have any pets back home? Ginger, you don't have a home so you don't have pets.


Ginger - Noooo, the closest I get to pets is fleas on the bus. Off the crew.


What bands do you listen to these days?


Ginger - Oh my god, everyone, I mean we're all music nuts, you know, we all listen to everything, there isn't one thing.


Not one particular band...


Michael - Cheap Trick, we all like them, we just saw them live in Austin.


Ginger - Yeah we all love Cheap Trick, we all love the Ramones.


Michael - Yeah, Warrior Soul's new album's great.


No new bands?


Michael - Yeah Linkin Park is good, Foo Fighters... You know, big new bands... There's lots of unknown bands not that big that are good too... This band is great, we like ourselves! Ha ha ha.


What's the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night?


Michael - I don't wake up in the morning.


In the evening...


Michael - Nah I do wake up in the morning. What's the first thing you do? (talking to Ginger)


Ginger - First thing I do is think: shit, I missed breakfast.


int2Michael - I gotta do my routine exercises, before I do anything, before I eat anything I just do my exercises then I have my coffee then some fruit then whatever, have the day started, think what am I gonna do, what's the agenda today, I don't need to plan much, I don't think any of us do.


Ginger - We try and get on the bus at the same time, we all try and make it on time on the bus, with varying degrees of success. We all try to be punctual and that's one thing you can see about this group, that I don't know if anyone else has ever known of any group but I haven't, I've never known of a band who have tried to be more punctual than each other. That's new to me and it's great.


You all race to be punctual then.


Ginger - Yeah we race to be on time.


Sami - Then we just wait and see where the day takes us, that's it.


Michael - Yeah it's nice to be there and not to have to wait around for anybody. We're all pretty much on time, it's incredible.


Ginger - We're bitches to the moment!


Who'd you have liked to be if you had been born a woman?


Michael - Woman or a man I would like to be myself, one way or the other, ha, I wouldn't like to be anybody else, who knows what anybody else has, maybe they have hell to live with within their heads, you never know, I would never want to be anyone else other than myself, at least I know where I'm at, ha ha.


Ginger - Jessica Rabbit because she's a cartoon.


Sami - Elizabeth Bathory, and see how that felt.


Michael - Uh-huh that's a good one.


Who'd you like to be stuck in an elevator with?


Michael - Nobody, I don't want to be stuck in an elevator!


Ginger - These guys! We did twenty eight hours in a van! Ha ha...


Michael - I'd be fine with that too, if I had to be stuck in an elevator, these guys would be fun! Ha ha!


Finally, what makes you the happiest?


Sami - This band!


Michael - This band, rock ''n roll!


Ginger - Being onstage you know...


Michael -  Yeah and a great relationship, if you're lucky enough to find love in your life, that's great. This band, rock 'n' roll, that's what keeps us going, it makes us happy, truly happy, so we get the best kicks, playing the shows like tonight. Last night I was happy about the show I was like wow great, what a great day, you know, looking forward to the next.


Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?


Michael - Hey! Stick around!!! Hey hey!!!! You know...


Sami - Salut i força al canut! (That's a Catalan expression meaning something like "Cheers!")


Michael - Yeah, and don't miss the shows man, come and check us out, if you love rock 'n' roll then you're gonna love this!


Ginger - I'm homeless, I like Spain, get me somewhere to live!


Michael - Yeah, get a roof over his head! Ha ha! Thank you


Thank you so much for your time, have an awesome show tonight!!!!!


Michael - Thank you I appreciate it.


And the show was really really really awesome yeah!!!!! Read a supercool review of it here at Über Röck!