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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 02 May 2010 06:00

When Falling Red's recent 'Shake The Faith' album dropped on the Über Röck welcome mat back in March, our resident sleaze master Dom Daley was left pulverised and excited by the eight tracks the band had to offer. So, who better than Dom himself to catch up with Falling Red lead vocalist and lead guitarist Rozey to put to the test the band's claim that they really are a combination of Slade and Crue gettin' down n dirty in a Nevada cathouse! 


But first there was the small matter of electro pop and techno to get out of the way.


Falling_RedHey Rozey, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us at Über Röck. Ok first up, are you aware there is a band called Falling Red from New York who play electro pop and techno? It's not you guys taking out some insurance in case the Rock 'N' Roll business doesn't work out?


Yeah man we have seen them. We actually think its Erasure after their operations. No one's heard of Erasure for a while, then they decide to nick our name. A little respect please! This band in NY are a million miles away from us and should be given a wide berth, and if you do accidentally listen to this shit the only cure is a solid dose of the good stuff...the real FALLING RED! No insurance policies for us dude. This is our life. That's why we spend most of our time on the road gigging, sleeping in a van and partying hard on a Tuesday night in Preston or Boston. Be warned, we won't go away!


Tell us how the band got together and what you set out to achieve.


We got together from various local bands. We were all looking to be in a band that was serious about doing this type of music, so when the time came and we met each other it was a case of right, let's get this started! We basically wanted to be in a band doing something different to what was happening in our area, well in fact, anywhere. So we set out to basically write the coolest riffs and lyrics and tell it how it is. We wanna show that Rock music can be fun again. If we get the rockers to raise a beer and give us a "Fuck Yeah" then we've achieved a lot more than most bands of late.


falling_red_600x600Are you pleased with the feedback from the new album release?


The feedback from our album has been awesome! The reviews have been wicked! And quotes such as "Rock gods in the making" and "British band to believe in" just make us proud of being quite different to the run of the mill shit that passes for Rock music these days. We've received some great messages and comments from fans telling us that they dig it, and they mention their favourite songs and most importantly they say it has a feel good factor that makes them wanna party and say a big fuck you to their day to day worries.  


How much more material was recorded for the album, and why did you choose to release it as an eight track album rather than say twelve songs?  It sort of takes me back to when AC/DC or Aerosmith or Cheap Trick only ever used to put eight tracks per album, was it deliberately only eight?


We had ten or twelve tracks down, but just wanted to release eight tracks. Our Manager kind of pre-produced it by pushing us to create better and better songs. We wanted to make an album that was just this rush of energy and aggression, like you'd been in a scrap and wondered what the hell had just happened! It's an adrenaline rush. And yeah, some of the greatest albums ever are eight tracks. It does exactly what it needs to and says on the cover.


What plans do you have for the rest of 2010, now the album is out?  Any plans for the States or Europe later in the year?

We plan to keep on touring the UK for the rest of the year. We are hooking up with Vains Of Jenna for a few gigs at the start of May. We've been added to Dave Evans' UK tour as Special Guests, which is about two weeks solid touring end of May/June. We're back out in July with Citizen Charlie who are from Norway and are label mates. Our Manager has been in talks with Europe and America but it's all about squeezing things in. Europe and the States just couldn't really happen until later in the year. But it's a possibility. Especially some shows in Hollywood. If the powers that be want us there, it'll happen. Next release is likely to be a single and video planned around September.


Falling_Red_in_redSo do you write songs all the time, or is it only when you want to release a record and who is involved in the writing process?


We did spend a good couple of weeks honing down the songs for this album. I thought I had the album written but then we thought no, fuck it, let's push this fucker over the top. A lot of songs were sacrificed. Our Manager squeezed us dry before he let us in the studio. Most of the songs usually come from a guitar riff, I'll usually come up with most of the riffs and then we'll jam them out, sometimes it happens just like that, bam there's a song. Other times it's a little more drawn out. 'You Were Out To Get Me' was written two days before we went into the studio


Do you think live is where Falling Red shine, and do you think the spirit of your live gigs has been captured on the record?


Everyone that's been to a Falling Red gig always says how energetic and chaotic it is, it just sweeps you up! We always demand audience participation. The more the merrier. When we go out we wanna make every night a party night, whether it's a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday show. When we recorded the album with Matt Ellis we discussed how we could capture this raw live energy we have, and he not only captured, but also enhanced it perfectly.


You guys seem to live on the road these days.  Rozey you must have a 'Gig from Hell' story you can tell our readers...

Possibly when we played the Glasgow Barfly! Millsy's bass guitar just died, and as that happened one of my main guitar strings decided to break so we were two men down, I carried on singing while we had people running around trying to sort shit out for us! Then a cable fucked up and I think Shane snapped a string, all within a minute or so. But hey shit happens; we laughed it off and soon had the audience back on our side and chanting for an encore.


Ok slight change of tact, if you have an MP3 player handy put it on shuffle and give me a list of the next five tracks (no cheating please)


Dude you want Dave's (drums) MP3 player not mine. Seriously, we had that hooked up in the van and it went from like The Last Vegas to Flo Rider to Metallica. I think he uses that Flo Rider stuff to groove with the ladies.


Falling_Red_2Do you think the music industry is a good place to be at the moment, and are there any other bands that you think we should look out for that you've played with?


This is probably the most cutthroat business you could ever choose to be a part of. But we love it. It's never been easy and it's not meant to be. That's why, as a rule, only the best succeed. It's not an accident. It's hard work, through gigging endlessly, meeting people, spreading the word and shaking up the faith people may have misplaced. We are good friends with Exit State and Stone Run who we love gigging with. One of the best bands we toured with was The Erotic's from the States. Insanely awesome band! Also really looking forward to the Vains Of Jenna gigs. Jesse has fitted in well as their new singer.


Tell the readers something about each member of the band that fans would be surprised at?


(laughs) Millsy is only awake 4hrs a day. Although I'm not too sure that would surprise anyone. That fucker did a Nikki Sixx on us at a gig one night. After the show we were partying and Millsy just sat down and went white as a ghost. As people checked he was ok he tried to stand up and collapsed and went blue. Our Manager had a bit of a freak, checking for a pulse 'cos it did look like he'd died. He took a bit of bringing round but when he did we took him out to the van, locked him in and continued with the party!


Dave puts Jagermeister on his Cornflakes. Shane has written off more cars than I can remember. And I'm a dab hand with my Crossbow. So don't fuck with me... ha ha!


Finally what question would you like to be asked that you've never been asked?


Would you like a private jet to take you to tonight's show in Tokyo? 


Cheers for the interview Dom!!


Yeah cheers Rozey, we wish you all the best on the upcoming Vains of Jenna and Dave Evans shows, and we hope to catch up with you guys on the road soon.


If you want to know more about these dates or hear tracks from Falling Red's album why not visit their Myspace site and tell them Über Röck sent you.