Uber Rock at Sonisphere 2011 - Rival Sons - Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Tazz Stander   
Sunday, 31 July 2011 05:00

UBERROCK TV is back for more! Like a vintage slice of Ratt 'n' Roll, the cathode ray catharsis that you people need on a Sunday morning gifts you with yet another uber-cool interview exclusive.


Tazz Stander grabbed Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan backstage at Sonisphere 2011 and the retro rocker, who you might have seen opening the recent Judas Priest UK tour, provided yet another essential chat track. Click that play button below for yet another visit to visual heaven....



Comeback on Tuesday for the final video interviews from Sonisphere 2011.....but have no fear, UBERROCK TV will have more visual goodness for you in August.


[Video produced by Sky London Productions - Titles by Probros]