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Thursday, 24 August 2017 03:30

If you want a bit of madness thrown into the works with your metal, then look no further than Preston’s Ward XVI. After making it through the Metal 2 The Masses, these guys brought the fun factor, and the theatricality to the New Blood stage – at the ridiculously early hour of 10.30am to boot!


Ward XVI 1


These guys whole heartedly deserved a spot on that stage, and the band did not disappoint – drawing a healthy and very appreciative crowd, as our review highlighted… Catching up with them later on was a real treat, as they sat down and spoke to us about the M2TM competition and what playing Bloodstock means to them...


We cannot even begin to put into words what it feels like right now. We still have adrenaline pumping through our veins.


With us being on so early, we weren’t expecting the reception we got from the crowds, [but] it was pretty intense: people just went mental for us. It was pretty amazing, to be honest.


Your album ‘The Art Of Manipulation’ has had some amazing reviews. Were you expecting it to take off like it did?


We were blown away by all the incredible reviews it got; we were really taken back by that really.


It all seemed to happen really fast: one minute we were in the studio, and, even though it took us a year to record I,t as soon as it came out the response has just been like ‘wow’ - more than we can ever have imagined.


You also blew people away at Lostock Festival last month…


Lostock and Bloodstock have the same vibes you know… the people are all very friendly and supportive. The sound at both festivals has been spot on, organisers at both have been brilliant with us newbies. It’s very humbling.


Ramage Inc we actually saw at Lostock, and we thought they were brilliant. Watching those guys opening up the Thursday night on the Sophie stage here at Bloodstock was just incredible… they blew everyone away!



What runs through your head when playing competitions such as Metal 2 The Masses?


We never really saw it as a competition. We went into it with an open mind really. We went into it to meet the other bands and just have fun, you know. When we do gigs such as this we get onto a lot of other competitions and gigs by socialising with the other bands and PRs, so it’s all about networking for us.


We don’t take the competition side of it too seriously really. At the end of the day, you play to a crowd of people who enjoy your music - and we love playing. [It] doesn’t matter if it’s a competition or a gig: we push ourselves each time to ensure we play to the best of our ability, to give out the best performance we can.


When you look out into the crowds and you see people climbing on people’s shoulders, or people having a good time in the circle pits, it just gives you a massive boost, because your music is making people happy.


What does the Sophie Foundation mean to you guys?


It’s all about being able to celebrate diversity, being able to be different and not be afraid to show it, it’s all about acceptance.


What do you think of Bloodstock?


Ward XVI 2


Everyone is just so warm and friendly; everyone is here to have a good time. It’s such a great atmosphere. It’s like one huge metal family coming together for the love of the music; the metal community here is just amazing.


We shot our video for ‘Cry of the Siren’ here at Bloodstock, so hopefully that should be out soon.


Playing here has been wonderful for us - but very surreal. The amount of work we put into the band, and [the] support [we get] from loved ones and family members… we love our music and love what we do, so to get where we are today is all thanks to those that kept pushing us and believed in us.


Have you guys got more tours or gigs lined up for after Bloodstock?


We have got a lot of gigs lined up, in September we have got a headline slot coming up at The Sanctuary bar, where we won Metal 2 The Masses. Following that October is always the big one for us, as its Halloween: everyone wants to book us, so that’s always our busy period in October.


There is more to come from us now after this… just watch this space.


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