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Saturday, 26 August 2017 14:00

This year has seen London-based death metal wreckers GraViL rise like a phoenix from the ashes, thanks to their latest album 'No More Forgiveness', which packs an almighty wallop of heavy riffs mixed with aggressive vocals and punchy harmonies. And they are not about to stop this train for anything as I found out when I sat down with guitarist Tony Dando bassist Nathan ‘Sparx’ Lamb before their Sophie stage appearance, to chat what the band has been up to, being caught up in the terror attack on Borough Market and what they have in store for us after the festival.


Gravil 5


I started by asking them about the new album, and particularly the involvement of the very lovely Theresa Smith on the track ‘Fractured and Divided’:


Tony: We followed a band called Metaprism, who played Metal 2 The Masses a couple of years back, and we became close friends with those guys. We had a track that we were working on that had an opening for a female vocalist, so we got in touch with Theresa and it all went from there. 


It worked really well, it came out better than we could have imagined.


How did the recording process go?


Tony: It went very long to be honest. [But], it was fun: we enjoyed doing the writing, trying to get everything right just before the release seemed a bit chaotic.


Nathan: Getting it ready seemed a quick process... it was the finishing it off part that slowed us down a little - but we got there in the end.


Tony: It was nice, as everyone had an input into the CD, so everyone has their little mark on it.


And you are at the almighty Bloodstock, playing the Sophie Stage…


Tony: Personally for us it’s an honour, it’s the best metal festival in the UK, and all the crew here really treat the bands well. We have been welcomed with open arms: it’s more like one big massive family than people who have been recruited to play an event.


Gravil 2


We feel very privileged about being able to play the Sophie stage also.  With such a sad story behind it, it brings great meaning to the metal community here at Bloodstock, so for us to be able to support that by playing on there… that’s huge for us.


Nathan: [It’s] my first time being here at Bloodstock, and it is so much more than words can describe: it’s just incredible.


Ah, another Bloodstock virgin getting his cherry well and truly popped!


Nathan: It’s just the hospitality here by the Bloodstock crew is second to none.


What is the craziest thing the band has come across this year?


Tony: Probably the terrorist attack while we were in London, as we played a set at London Bridge.  As soon as we came off stage, we were ushered away and told there had been a massive terror attack, and to hang fire and not go outside the venue. That makes it real, and it really hits you when it’s that close to where you are.


Nathan: It really hit home. That was probably the craziest moment so far for me.


That must be really scary in a scenario like that…


Nathan: It was completely scary, because you don’t know what’s going to happen; you don’t know how close these people are to you, you don’t know what’s happening outside. We were put in a room with security on the door, and we were just watching all the updates on social media. All that goes through your head at that moment in time is that you just want to be at home with your family, away from it all.


Tony: No one was really panicking about it, but I think it does make you keep your wits about you. We were all looking out for one another.


So what are the plans for the rest of the year?


Gravil 6


Tony: More gigging. We have got some weekends coming up all over the country; we are going to play as many shows as we can.  Then at Christmas wind down and spend some time with our families, before next year cracking on with some writing and getting a new album together - and more gigs.


Ooh a new album… can you give us a little sneaky insight?


Tony: There’s nothing confirmed yet – it’s very early days yet.


We had loads of bits left over from the other album that we didn’t use that we would like to try and put together… lots of tasty little riffs, so we need to see what we can do with those.


But, hopefully next year we can do some solid writing and get a new album pieced together.


One thing that is coming up next year is that you’re playing HRH Metal in Birmingham in February…


Tony: I think Metaprism might be there for that one, so we might be able to get Theresa in for that one…


Can we expect a video anytime soon?


Tony:  We have talked about it, but we haven’t commissioned anything yet. Hopefully, within the next couple of months, or over Christmas, we might see what we can put together…


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