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Saturday, 26 August 2017 03:30

Shrouded should need little introduction to Über Rock readers, as we have been championing this four-piece death metal outfit from the upstart city of Lisburn for nigh on four years now, following their career from when they were teenagers playing their first shows alongside likes of local scene leaders Zombified and Scimitar.


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The band have always pushed themselves to the extreme to get where they are today. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, when Shrouded decided to take a second stab at the very competitive – especially in Northern Ireland – Metal 2 The Masses contest in order to gain a spot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock. Which, of course, they won, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the chance to catch up with guitarist and vocalist Shane Hughes to talk about their first performance outside of the island of Ireland.


Yes, it’s [our] first time on English shores. [It’s] a very big step for us, but we are extremely happy to be here.


And for your first performance outside of Ireland to be the almighty Bloodstock you must be bubbling up inside?


It’s a huge tick off my list, put it that way. You can probably tell by the huge grin it hasn’t really sunk in that we are actually here… it feels like a dream.


Have you guys got an album or EP out at the moment that you can tell us about?


Funny you should ask... we have just released our second EP titled ‘Ominous Divinity’. When we get back we will be working towards doing a full-length album: the writing is going well for that [and] we are aiming for a release early next year.


How did the recording go?


Really well. It all happened really fast: we were given a few studio sessions to do it in, but we each got our own parts done in about two hours, then the turnaround seemed to happen really fast as well. Compared to our first EP, which took about six months to get done, this one was really easy.


Going into the studio was a real eye opener, as our first EP was a bit of a DIY job: when you have no money and you want to get your music out there… I suppose we just wanted our music to be heard> But, being in the studio, was an amazing experience for us and we learned so much from it. The production of this EP was spot on: its a huge step up from what we had – so, yeah, we are really happy with it.


So, what are your thoughts on pink fluffy unicorns?


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Pardon? Erm, pink fluffy unicorns… well, that’s pretty metal, I suppose. If there’s an opportunity for us to get one and use it as part of our stage performance, I totally would! It would be good to do some guitar solos on, that’s for sure; it would definitely get people talking.


No one would forget a band with a huge pink fluffy unicorn on stage that’s for sure!


Right! I think we need to change our game plan for our stage performance now. (laughs)


What have you guys got lined up for after Bloodstock? Are you guys staying on this side of the Irish Sea for a while?


No, we are going back home and have a couple of shows lined up: a gig in August in Dublin, a small festival in Belfast in November, then we are going onto support Bloodshot Dawn in January, which we are really psyched about. Apart from that we just want to get back and get the album written and finished ready to record. There were talks about us doing a show in November over here, but it hasn’t materialised yet: but, we are still waiting to hear from people, so we may be back… we just don’t know yet.


To paraphrase a well-known Belfast saying, get 'em on and get 'em booked!


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