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Written by Jim Rowland   
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 04:00



Kobra & The Lotus is a name we're starting to see a lot of at the moment. With their sophomore album out now, they got the early slot on the Sunday of this year's Bloodstock festival, and after their performance I caught up with the charming Kobra Paige to see how it all went and what makes Kobra & The Lotus tick..


Hi Kobra, your set started at 11.00 this morning, was that the earliest you've ever played and how do you cope with that?


No, we've actually had a few on this last festival run that have been the morning shift as well, so we're used to it. We were up at 6 getting ready which is a little early, but you do what you've gotta do!


KOBRAINTERVIEWI'm seeing the name of the band around a lot at the moment, how's the year going so far for Kobra & the Lotus?


It's just been so exciting. We've just launched the album in Europe & the UK and it's been great because we've just started to play these festivals and that's a whole new experience for us because it's completely different to an intimate club. It's just like a mass of people and you just feel the same thing going on, you're all thinking the same thing in your heads and moving with the music, it's just so incredible!


What are your thoughts on the Bloodstock Festival?


It's great. I love Bloodstock, it's made a great impression on me. I really like how they've set it up, and it's kind of tighter and closer knit. It's not as big a festival, so I really like the grounds and the fact there's just the one main stage so everyone's gotta be there, plus the acoustic stage with some jams going on and it's a great metal line-up.


And you're enjoying the UK?


We're loving the UK!


Talking of that, you recently opened up for two legendary British metal bands at Hammersmith - Judas Priest and Saxon. How was that for you?


Oh my god! It was such an honour I've got to tell you! Judas Priest is what got me started with metal when I was fifteen years old, and so to support them and that be the first major band we supported what just a crazy circle of events. It was just a real honour and at such a legendary venue as well. And Saxon, they're wicked, they're icons as well so it was just such a wonderful evening.



It is indeed a legendary venue


It's got such brilliant architecture. Everyone has a great view because of the way they built it; it's how all venues should be made. When you go in there it's like "wow, this is how it should be, everybody can see!"


Can we talk about your influences from a band point of view and also from your point of view as a female singer in a metal band.


Our influences have changed a lot now from when we started the band. We are a traditional heavy metal sounding band, but some of our influences are very different from that genre. Some of my influences at the moment are Devin Townsend for instance, Wagner, I really love Wagner. Jeff Loomis, his guitar playing really influences what I write, so that's where my influences are coming from. In terms of where the band is at, it's all over the place! Some of the bands that are on here, like Moonsorrow, then bands like Megadeth, Arch Enemy. We take pieces from musicians in different bands and try and learn from it.


Jim_and_KobraDo you think it's any tougher being a female singer in metal and are there any women in rock that influenced you?


I really don't focus on it. I don't actually notice any difference at all. I look at myself as part of a band and all of the bands have equal chances, we've just all got to work our asses off to get a little further than the other ones, but I definitely don't focus on that. Good music is good music regardless of the gender. The world will speak for itself and they'll decide whether they like it or not. In terms of being influence by a female frontperson, I'm actually not but I will say I got my first guitar because of Lita Ford. When I was at high school I got a BC Rich. So she's the reason I picked up a guitar.


So what's next for Kobra & The Lotus?


We're just gonna be promoting our album. We'll be back in Europe in the fall, probably the UK as well so we'll be back soon!




To pick up a copy of 'Kobra And The Lotus' - CLICK HERE