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Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 16 September 2012 04:30




With the band's great new album 'Sweet Creatures' (finally) sparkling on record store shelves, we thought it was prime time to catch up with those pesky Crash Street Kids and get the lowdown on the new record, their influences and plans for the future. These retro-fuelled rockin' mofos love Alice Cooper and Mott The Hoople, David Bowie and T. Rex....and so do we! Talking about cool '70s tunes and pretending it was work, Uber Rock's Dom Daley caught up with the band's drummer and founder member A.D. Adams for yet another must-read Uber Rock interview exclusive.....


For those not in the loop describe what the Crash Street Kids are about?
Crash Street Kids combine the musical elements of early-to-mid '70s glam, glitter, and pre-punk - think New York Dolls, Ziggy-era Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Alice Cooper, KISS, T. Rex, Slade, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Silverhead. I could name more, but if you put those great bands' sounds into a blender, you'd end up with a hot-n-tasty Crash Street Cocktail!
As for our live shows...well, you'd have to say it is a rock and roll circus atmosphere. It's loud, it's bright, and our stage is INCREDIBLE!! There are ramps and steps, and different levels and risers....it's kind of like a big playground! Add to that: confetti bombs, money-filled balloons, graffiti artists, elevating pianos, the obligatory fog machines, glitter, make-up, elevator shoes, gallons of booze, and our EXTREMELY HOT, "Crash Street Tramps" cheerleaders, and you kind of get the illusion that we're just a full-on-rock-and-roll-party band...
You would be correct!!
Why has there been such a gap between the release of the latest record in different continents?
Yeah...that was a mess!! From what I was told, the discs that were slated to go overseas (Europe, Japan, Scandinavia, Australia, and South America) were supposed to be shipped out of a warehouse in San Francisco, but the company moved and left a bunch of CDs behind! We went ahead and released 'SWEET CREATURES' here in the U.S., but all the international distribution was delayed...and delayed...and delayed...until the lost discs were located and finally sent out.


Does it feel odd considering it's not really a brand new record?
We were a bit disappointed, at first, but at the end of the day, it's still brand new if it's the first time ya hear it, no matter how old it is...right?


How well has it been received in the US of A?
'Sweet Creatures' is starting to do OK here in the States, but U.S. radio, and the general mindset of the U.S. record-buying public seems to still lean towards cookie-cutter crap-rock, that god-awful "new country", or hip hop! Lately, though, there are more and more independent radio stations here in the USA, that are starting to pop up on the radio dial, and we are already starting to see more airplay and support, but there just aren't that many of them yet. The European radio stations and audiences are much more diverse and sophisticated, and don't seem to be as trendy or "pre-fab".
You chose to produce the 'Sweet Creatures' album yourselves; what do you think you could achieve that "producers" couldn't? Were there any producers out there you would have liked to have worked with?
We have recorded all of our albums at our private studio, Shabbey Road, and produced them ourselves for a number of reasons. The main reason is that, we've had record companies and a couple of rather big name producers "adding their two cents worth," and they all seem to want to make us sound like all the other bands out there! They just don't understand that we want to sound like CRASH STREET KIDS!
Once, just to shut one of 'em up, we took one song and beefed up the drums, added layer-after-layer of guitars, compressed the vocals and cranked 'em way up, added some cheesy synth crap in the background, polished up the mix nice-n-shiny, then sent it to the guy. HE LOVED IT!!!!! He thought we were serious!!! He's dead to us now... We're just a lot better blokes to hang out with when someone's not trying to make our records sound like everyone else's CSKheaderrecords. That's just not what we're about. What we're trying to capture is a feel, a vibe, an essence of that old-school, gritty, scuffed-up rock and roll that can't be captured by over-producing it. I mean seriously - haven't any of these people ever heard the 'Mott' album??!!
We all agree, though, that if we could get Bob Ezrin to do an album with us, it would be the greatest rock and roll album of all time...so if anyone out there can get Bob to return our phone calls, that would be awesome!
I've read that all your albums will be concepts - any clues as to what the next one might be about as 'Sweet Creatures' is about two runaways, right?
You are correct! The first three records ('Let's Rock And Roll Tonite', 'Chemical Dogs', and 'Transatlantic Suicide') are all a part of a trilogy we call "The Supersonic Star Show". It is an amazing story that we outline on our website. We have a song-by-song breakdown of the storyline that really allows the listener to follow, not only the lyrics, but the meaning of each song as it relates to the story. Pretty cool. You should check it out!
'Sweet Creatures' is the story of two teenage runaways who meet on the streets and form a bond. It really ends up being a very dark, sordid love story that's laced with all the danger, sex, drugs, fear, and swagger that can be found in the dark alleys of big cities and small towns all over the world.
As for the next record...hmmm...I dunno, haven't thought about it yet...anybody got any suggestions??!! LOL!
Does it matter playing live - therefore, if the songs are all out of sequence as far as the concept goes?
No, not at all. Even though we have to fill in storylines for the greater project, the one thing that has always been important to us is that each song breathes a life of its own. It's really ALL about the songs themselves. We just arrive at a topic, a lyric, or a title that we feel fits into the story we're trying to tell and just go with it, but the song has to stand on its own and kick our asses! The hardest thing for us to do, though, is to choose which songs we DON'T get to play at any given show!
As I'm on the subject of playing live what are your plans for conquering the world? When can we expect a European tour?
Ha!! Conquering the world?? Sounds like a great idea, Dom, and Europe seems to be the best place to start! Who's in???!!!
We're working on getting over there in the summer of 2013. We're gonna be doing some U.S. dates over the next couple of months, and then we'll probably head back into the studio to start working on the next batch of tunes, but a European Tour would be fantastic for us. The audiences over there really understand what we're doing, so to play for them woCSK300uld be a real gas. We're working hard putting together the logistics for that to happen. Keep checkin' in with us, and we'll keep ya posted!
You guys obviously appreciate real glam rock and in many instances there are obvious comparisons between yourselves and Mott The Hoople and T. Rex, Sweet etc etc, but what other bands influence you guys? Is there anyone recently who've impressed you? If you don't mind me saying but there is a very British element to your songs that a lot of bands fail to capture - is this sheer accident or is it something you strived to achieve?
I mentioned quite a few bands that have influenced our sound and style earlier, but you could add to that list. The Move, Idle Race, Humble Pie, Captain Beyond, even Gabriel-era ('Foxtrot'/'Nursery Chryme') Genesis!
Recently, there are a couple of newer bands that are finding their way into our speakers down at Shabbey Road. We've been diggin' bands like Big Elf, Imperial Drag, Pillbugs, Pugwash, Foxy Shazam. You should also check out the new album by Louis Prima, Jr. and the Witnesses! It's New Orleans jazz with a rock and roll rhythm section! A great album!
We do, indeed, have a particular love for the early '70s British glam sound, and it is, ab-so-LUTE-ly intentional! We do work really hard to achieve that sound and are very proud of the fact that people can hear that in our work! We have the technology, and the knowledge and experience, to sound any way we choose, but the sounds and textures we get are the sounds and textures we want to get.
If you were to have an MP3 player handy what would be the next five songs that come on when you hit shuffle? No cheating! If you only have an old turntable then that's cool - what is the first 7" single to hand?
If ya shuffled the ol' iPod, you'd probably hear:


'Midnight Moses' by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
'Ballrooms Of Mars' by T. Rex
'Hello New York' by Silverhead
'Gudbuy T' Jane' by Slade
'Amateur Hour' by Sparks (or 'The Red and the Black' by Blue Oyster Cult)


I know, I know...that's SIX songs!!! I picked an extra tune, 'cuz Ryan would hit the skip button as soon as the Sparks tune came on, so that one doesn't really count!!!!
On the turntable, it would probably be 'Teenage Rampage' by The Sweet!
You've previously mentioned that this band likes to enjoy themselves on the road, has anyone yet risen to the challenge? Anyone you feel you'd like to put to the challenge then? Also whilst on the subject of touring and shenanigans on the road is there any chance you can divulge a little for our readers titillation? How about 'Sex World' in Minnesota.
HA!!!!! Loose lips sink ships, my friend! There have been some...ummm...."incidents" along the way! It is true - this band likes to party very, very hard! We actually had one of our tours sponsored by Jameson (whiskey)! That one is mostly a blur, although, we heard it went really well!!
It's funny, 'cuz really, the ones ya gotta keep yer eye on are the CRASH STREET TRAMPS, our squad of uber-hot groupie/cheerleaders! These girls are flat-out INSANE! All of 'em! They just all started hanging out, once-upon-a-time, at the studio during rehearsals and CSKTRAMPSwriting/recording sessions. They've been there since day one, and are a huge part of the whole vibe! They go with us everywhere, and they party like freakin' ROCK STARS! It's crazy as hell down at Shabbey Road on a nightly basis, but get these girls on the road...??? These girls are hellions...and I say that with love in my heart, and a grin on my face!!
Our management, or our lawyers, won't really let us discuss what happened at 'Sex World'! They said something about waiting for a "statute of limitations" to expire, or something like that!!!!!
We've not had a quickfire questionnaire for a while so yay or nay please:
Ian Hunter or Marc Bolan?
Ian Hunter
'All The Young Dudes' or 'Once Bitten Twice Shy'?
Dudes. Best rock song ever
Roger Taylor or Dale Buffin Griffin?
Buffin. Take a listen to 'Violence' live. Wow!!!
Dave Hill's Superyob or Ian Hunter's Maltese Falcon?
Superyob... 'cuz he has a suit to match it!
European Beer or Jameson Whiskey?
Jameson. It's the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions...and CRASH STREET KIDS
The '80s or the '90s?
Queen without Freddie or Slade without Holder?
Slade without Noddy???? I'd HAVE to go with Queen, 'cuz I just couldn't imagine Slade without Noddy screamin' at me!
Vinyl or 8 Track?
Tommy Thayer or Vinnie Vincent?
LOL! Stop it! It's Ace, or it's NOBODY!!!!

Thanks, Uber Rock, for the ink and the L-U-V. Before I sign off, I'd like to thank all of our fans worldwide, all the radio stations brave enough play our music, and the press who has covered us, for diggin' what we're doin'! You can check us out on our website; www.crashstreetkids.com, and find our music at the better record stores near you, and on all the online stores! And stop in and say hello on Facebook, too. We love chattin' it up with our fans!


And, and course (in my best Gene Simmons voice), don't forget to pick up a copy of our new record, 'SWEET CREATURES'! You will love it....I swear!!!


Cheers, everybody!



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