SINGLE NEWS: The Godfathers unveil a Big Bad Beautiful video! Print E-mail
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 14:53

The Godfathers have just released a brand new video for 'A Big Bad Beautiful Noise', the title track of their recent album and the lead track on their new, limited edition 10 inch 'A Big Bad Beautiful EP'.



Godfathers' singer Peter Coyne says:


"The song and video reflect the social and political tensions in today's society. We want our music to be a part of the soundtrack to a long, hot and very angry summer."


'A Big Bad Beautiful EP' features four tracks: 'A Big Bad Beautiful Noise', a new 'High Voltage' remix of live favourite 'Defibrillator' and previously unreleased numbers - 'You're So Slow' and 'Human Zoo'. It is only available exclusively from the band's official website.


The Godfathers also play a unique, two-set special gig, branded as'A Big Bad Beautiful Night At The Lexington,' in London this Saturday (24 June). In the first set they will perform the entire 'A Big Bad Beautiful Noise' album in sequence, while the second, much longer set will feature Godfathers' classics and treasures, many of which they have not played in years. Special guests are Los Pepes, doors open at 7pm and the venue curfew is 4am. Tickets are available HERE.