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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 23:03

It is with great sadness that we report the death of guitarist and songwriter Kenny Kanowski.


Kenny Kanowski


Best known as the co-writer of ‘We All Die Young’ – the lead single from the Steelheart album ‘Wait’, subsequently featured in the movie ‘Rock Star’ – the cause of his death is not known at this time.


Kanowski played guitar and co-wrote seven of the ten songs on the 1996 ‘Wait’ album. He subsequently re-united with SteelHeart last year, when he stood in with the band for the second edition of the Rockingham festival. The Über Rock crew had the great pleasure of meeting up with Kenny at that time, and spent several pleasureable hours in his company talking about his music. He had arrived ahead of the rest of the band, with no spending money, and felt guilty about scrounging a pint.  We bought him two; maybe more. He got up and jammed with the band in the pub: it was only when he nailed 'We All Die Young' we realized who we were hanging with.  It didn't matter: by then, we were all one happy gang of drinking buddies. It was mighty craic.


Writing on SteelHeart’s official Facebook page, singer Miljenko Matijevic said:


“I have truly been lost for words for days now. My brother, I have known you for over 20 years and, in that time, we have created magic. I didn't realize how deeply connected we were until now. I am so saddened by this I cannot even begin to express. Too soon Kenny, much too soon!!


“Throughout the years we have laughed, wrote amazing songs, shared the big stages throughout the world, but also sometimes didn't see eye to eye just like brothers do. However, life would always put us back together face to face and we would always accept with love and understanding and move on.


“My old friend, from the bottom of my heart, I truly wish you are at peace. laughing and looking down at us silly people running around trying to find our way through this dream to find our freedom. Our songs will live forever and I will never forget the good times as well as the challenges life has put in front of us throughout the years. Take care Kenny, I send you my love. You are free my friend, free!!!”