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Written by The Boom Sons   
Sunday, 28 February 2016 03:00



When Uber Rock’s Dave Prince reviewed the debut EP from hot new Welsh female fronted trio The Boom Sons back in September of 2015 he dubbed it his “favourite debut EP EVER!” So with the band hard at work in the studio right this minute we thought it was time to catch up with vocalist/bassist Vanessa Batten, guitarist Nathan Morgan and drummer Richard Mears to try and get an angle on their eclectic set of musical influences. The result of this session is a Midnite Mixtape set to set your Sunday off with a BOOM!


1.) ‘Sweet Leaf’ - Black Sabbath (from the album ‘Master Of Reality’)


One of the best songs of all time in our opinions, from one of the best bands, a song that everyone should here when getting into Black Sabbath


2.) ‘I’m Broken’ - Pantera (from the album ‘Far Beyond Driven’)


What can we say probably the most groove driven heavy riffs from one of our favourite bands, were all about the riff!


3.) ‘Electric Worry’ - Clutch (from the album ‘From Beale Street to Oblivion’)


Fantastic melodies from Neil Fallon, we love clutch for their bluesy goodness


4.) ‘Grace’ - Jeff Buckley (from the album by the same name)


This guy’s music is unreal, fantastic voice and even better guitar playing, we love a good guitarist!


5.) ‘Piece Of My Heart’ - Janis Joplin (from the album ‘Cheap Thrills’)


What a voice, what passion, what a woman


6.) ‘Rock And Roll’ - Led Zeppelin (from the album ‘Led Zeppelin IV’)


Again probably one of the best bands of all time. The drums at the beginning of this are the shiz. Who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin????


Boom Sons


7.) ‘Overkill’ - Motorhead (from the album by the same name)


Lemmy The King - “don’t sweat it, give it back to you”. We love the three repeats of the outro, because we love a good outro


8.) ‘Violet’ - Hole (from the album ‘Live Through This’)


The woman who changed rock, aggressive loveliness, nothing like a tamping woman to make you scared at night


9.) ‘White Rabbit’ - Jefferson Airplane (from the album ‘Surrealistic Pillow’)


“You've just had some kind of mushroom and your mind is moving low. Go ask Alice I think she'll know.”


10.) ‘Summertime’ - Billie Holiday (from the 1936 US single by the same name)


In our drummers opinion the best voice to come out of the last century, before Auto-Tune was Billie Holiday. This track is unreal.


11.) ‘Too Much Ain't Enough Love’ - Joe Bonamassa/Jimmy Barnes (from the album ‘Driving Towards the Daylight’)


This song is just full of passion, the way it’s sung by Barnes is just balls out. He wants more and he wants it now, because too much ain’t enough love.


12.) ‘Funeral Bell’ - Black Label Society (from the album ‘The Blessed Hellride’)


Zakk Wylde is probably one of the best guitarists of our time. Tis song is just a headbanger’s dream. Bottom lip down and get your hair swinging


13.) ‘Planet Caravan’ - Pantera (from the album ‘Far Beyond Driven’)


A mix of both favourite bands, Black Sabbath’s ‘Planet Caravan’, and probably the best cover a band has ever done. Proving that it’s not all about the hard and heavy and that a bit of mellow in metal music is okay! In fact it’s awesome…..