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Written by Dennis Ward   
Sunday, 03 February 2013 03:00



Pink Cream 69 bassist Dennis Ward is a man with plenty of feathers in his cap. Aside from his 25 year plus tenure with the German rockers he has also been involved with a plethora of acts on the side with Unisonic, Place Vendome, Khymera and Sunstorm being among the most well known. Also a highly regarded song writer, recording engineer and producer Dennis now he adds yet another feather to his melodic rock headdress as he turn mixtape compiler for Uber Rock. Read on to find out what lights Dennis' musical fire.



1.) 'Back In Black' - AC/DC (from the album 'Back In Black')


Just because it reminds me of a real good time in my life. I remember my good buddy getting hold of a copy of the album and we were downstairs in his father's, um, not sure what to call it, "relaxing room", with a pool table and hi-fi system. We were really looking forward to seeing what this new singer was all about and just hearing the first few chords of 'Back In Black' just floored me. Every time I hear it I just remember that day and it gives me goose bumps remembering the excitement when I first heard Brian Johnson sing and thinking oh hell yeah! They're still AC/DC that's great.


2.) 'Hotel California' - Eagles (from the album 'Hotel California')


I'm just a huge Eagles fan and that song has got everything for me. It's just the perfect song. It's hooky as hell, it touches my heart, it goes more than skin deep. I just love listening to it. You can listen to it when you're sitting down having a relaxing day. You can go driving to it. You can perform it and it's fun. It's just an excellent song.


3.) 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' - The Beatles (from the album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band')


That was an album I got when I was really young. As a matter of fact not only did I get it when I was really young I had a copy given to me and I remember the serial number being somewhere under twenty thousand. If I still had it today it would be worth something so I kick myself in the ass that I lost it. So anyway 'Sgt. Pepper..' because of my youth, I was a kid  and the whole album for me was a kids album to be honest. That and 'Yellow Submarine', I remember the videos they made and the movies they made, a great time.


4.) 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)' - Journey (from the album 'Frontiers')dennis69300


That was also my teenage time, growing up. That was for me just high energy music and Journey was music that I put on when I really wanted to experience any kind of emotion. If I wanted to feel sorry for myself or if I wanted to feel good, I just loved it very much and still do.


5.) 'Tom Sawyer' - Rush (from the album 'Moving Pictures')


An absolute must because of the band and a bass player who sings. It's probably one of their most commercial songs compared to what they usually do but I just still love that song to death. Every time I hear that keyboard when the song starts up I'm just like YEAH, that's cool! Same kind of effect that I have from AC/DC, those two bands way apart from each other but for me both very very cool.


6.) 'Dr. Feelgood' - Motley Crue (from the album 'Dr. Feelgood')


That was when hair bands were around, oh how I hated them, most were so stupid. But Motley said look we can have hair and nuts! That's one of the ballsiest records in the world for me. That song was just nuts. All out power. Fat. Rocks. Just a great song. I think a lot of bands can only wish they had that type of power that Motley Crue delivered in those days. Real cool song.


7.) 'Fight The Good Fight' - Triumph (from the album 'Allied Forces')


That's one I still listen to to this day. Love that one a whole hell of a lot.


8.) '2112' - Rush (from the album '2112')


I'm gonna have to go back to another Rush one, '2112'. Side A, the whole thing. It's something that I can't just listen to a song, I gotta listen to side A or side B. I can't listen to one song, it just doesn't work for me. It's too cool like it is.


9.) 'Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)' - Pink Floyd (from the album 'The Wall')


For obvious reasons I guess. Another one that goes back to my youth that reminds me of what I was doing and what I felt.


10.) 'Black Hole Sun' - Soundgarden (from the album 'Superunknown')


I think of all the junk that was going on in the nineties and that song just stood so high above the rest. It was like you can be grungy and all that shit and you can be powerful at the same time. I just love powerful music and that was just so powerful. Really really enjoyed that one.


11.) 'Hold On Loosely' - 38 Special (from the album 'Wild-Eyed Southern Boys')


Going with some of my Southern rock roots. I just thought that the song was cool because of that stupid riff. I don't know why but I always really enjoyed that one.


12.) 'Sweet Home Alabama' - Lynyrd Skynyrd (from the album 'Second Helping')


Still like it. It's been played to death but I still like it.


13.) 'Monkey On Your Back' - Aldo Nova (from the album 'Subject...Aldo Nova')


One that I really like, don't know if it was ever popular. I just remember liking it. Kick ass song. Don't even know if he's still alive. He used to write with all kinds of people. When that record came out he was years ahead of his time. I remember one time, I think early nineties, listening to that and going this record has been out for how long, early eighties, really early eighties. And I was just thinking it sounds better than most of the shit I'm listening to.