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Sunday, 06 March 2016 03:40



The Rebelles is the sound of three ladies - Tracie Hunter, Elizabeth Westwood and Phoebe White - paying tribute to the songs that inspire them along with a host of special guests and noteworthy collaborators, not least Tracie’s father Ian along with the likes of Glen Matlock and James Stevenson. It’s a heartfelt homage to the rebellious sounds of the ‘70s, and here, the ladies share the songs that helped influence their sound to date.


“Here are our 13 songs... Well 15 actually, you can take your pick…Hahahahaha!”


1.) ‘Hey, Hey, What Can I Do’ - Led Zeppelin (from the deluxe editions of ‘Coda’)


Elizabeth Westwood; A fairly obscure Zeppelin tune that was originally a B side and not released on a Led Zep album for another 10 years. Great acoustic guitar and groove. Something really swampy about it musically, that gets into your bones. Robert Plant starts slow and kicks it out in the end. I dig this song because I believe him.


2.) ‘Michael Picasso’ - Ian Hunter (from the album ‘The Artful Dodger’)


Tracie Hunter; This is the epitome of a great song, it’s the most beautiful ode to Mick Ronson and whilst its obviously close to my heart, I can stand outside and just hear a beautiful melody and a poem about love and loss. It’s done the old fashion way, from the heart. It usually has to be for me to like it.


3.) ‘Hard To Handle’ - Otis Redding (from the album ‘The Immortal Otis Redding’)


Phoebe White; It’s a classic and for a soul singer, he can certainly rock that raw emotion thing!


4.) ‘Sometimes Salvation’ - The Black Crowes (from the album ‘The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion’)


Elizabeth Westwood; This tune builds and builds and punches you over and over. You’re exhausted by the end. Spent!! Great vocal take. Great guitar. Great song.


5.) ‘Stay With Me Baby’ - Lorraine Ellison (from the 1966 Warner Bros. Records single by the same name)


Tracie Hunter; You can’t hear this and not be moved, unless you’re a Stepford. I could listen to it every day for the rest of my life, imagine having the lungs to sing that way, what a treasure!!


6.) ‘I Can't Stand The Rain’ - Ann Peebles (from the album by the same name)


Phoebe White; The way she sings this gives me chills. And I love the horns.


The Rebelles


7.) ‘Superfly’ - Curtis Mayfield (from the Original Soundtrack album ‘Superfly)


Elizabeth Westwood; What’s not to love about Curtis? The voice, the arrangements, the harmonies. He does a harmony right at the end of this tune that he never repeats – almost a throwaway. Bands now would base their career on this one tune/harmony.


8.) ‘Wild Is The Wind’ - David Bowie (from the album ‘Station To Station’)


Tracie Hunter; Lyrics, melody, voice. A swirling pot of dark and light.


9.) ‘Heavy Load’ - Free (from the album ‘Fire And Water’)


Phoebe White; I am a big Free fan. In this song in particular, Paul Rodgers sounds like he really means it. I like to really mean every word I sing.


10.) ‘Wang Dang Doodle’ - PJ Harvey (from the album ‘The Peel Sessions 1991 – 2004’)


Elizabeth Westwood; I’ve always known the Willie Dixon tune Wang Dang Doodle as done by Howlin’ Wolf and Koko Taylor. It wasn’t until I saw PJ Harvey do it in 1996 that I revisited the song. The Rebelles sang it while doing Rotten Hill TV recently.


11.) ‘Tiny Dancer’ - Elton John (from the album ‘Madman Across the Water’)


Tracie Hunter; It takes this song 7 minutes to get to a chorus, amazing! I love listening to this before a gig, that uplifting and beautiful piano is perfect.


12.) ‘Edge Of Seventeen’ - Stevie Nicks (from the album ‘Bella Donna’)


Phoebe White; This tune is exciting - maybe an obvious choice but it makes my hair stand on end and it’s really great to drive to at 90mph. I'm also really loving The Wind and The Wave’s cover version.


13.) ‘Sway’ - The Rolling Stones (from the album ‘Sticky Fingers’)


Elizabeth Westwood; There’s an outpouring of emotion - a raw purge that is evoked by this Stones song. For me it’s a tossup between this and ‘Gimme Shelter’. I get Goosebumps on both every time. Both are great to sing along to after a few bevvies when everything seems to “mean” a bit more…and you think you can hit notes like Merry Clayton…..


14.) ‘Stay With Me’ - The Faces (from the album ‘A Nod Is As Good As a Wink... to a Blind Horse’)


Tracie Hunter; I pretty much love everything they did and the way they did everything they did.


15.) ‘No Fun’ - The Stooges (from the self titled album)


Phoebe White; A great tune... it's the best to run to and is everything but no fun. I hear a dead pan humour in it and a fingers up to those who are no fun- like Tories... we can't say that though can we? (YES YOU CAN – Uber Ed)